10 Times My Boyfriend Turned Me On... JUST With His Words!

10 Times My Boyfriend Turned Me On... JUST With His Words!
What can I say about my boyfriend? He's not the most perfect person in the world...but he does make some moments perfect just with his words! Especially when his words end up turning me on! *Wink* So here are 10 times my boyfriend turned me on, just with his words!!

1. I'm still not over how amazing you were last night.

Blowing his mind once can leave me feeling like a goddess for a long time!

2. I don't know why you worry so much about your clothes. You look better without them.

Dear boyfriend, this just makes me want to take my clothes off for you more often!

3. Please don't talk about sex, I'll get turned on and that'll be super awkward in public.

It’s a good feeling to know I can turn him on so easily!

3 sexy things boyfriends say

4. I can't wait for these guys to leave so I can have you all to myself.

Neither can I, bae, neither can I.

5. What do you mean you're still in bed? Why am I not there with you?

Damn, now my bed feels so empty...

6. No, I don't want to go dancing. You'll start doing those sexy moves and then I'll want to punch every guy who's staring at you.

Aww, honey, let’s stay in instead! Totally ready to show you some private sexy moves...

6 sexy things boyfriends say

7. Can't you ever look less than amazing so that I don't feel like jumping you the second I see you?

Best compliment ever.

8. You're literally the only person who can eat a hotdog/ burrito/ whatever and still make it look so hot.

Of all the sexy things boyfriends say, this one tops the list. A man who doesn’t mind watching me hog - that’s a man I’m totally willing to keep!

9. You shouldn't tell me when you're going for a shower. I'm going to keep imagining you naked and soapy till god knows when.

And now I want you getting soapy with me.

9 sexy things boyfriends say

10. Your ass should be spanked and often. And by someone who knows how.

How can a girl say no to that?!

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