10 Sex Secrets Every Happy Couple Knows (And You Should Too!)

10 Sex Secrets Every Happy Couple Knows (And You Should Too!)
Happy couples are always great to watch, aren’t they? The way they look at each other and know that they will always have someone next to them is heartwarming. But have you ever wondered how they manage to be this happy? Well, there could be several reasons but one of them definitely is some plain old good sex! Check out these 10 sex secrets of happy couples that might just help you out too!

1. They make it happen!

No matter how busy they are or how far away from each other, they take out time to be with each other and get down and dirty. Although they never push each other, they do know the importance of a great sex session and how it will only affect them positively!

2. They know intimacy should not be limited to the bedroom...

They might not be huge on PDA but they know how great a warm hug or just physically touching each other builds intimacy. After all, intimacy is an integral part of things that will follow in the bedroom. It’s quite simple actually, you just have to let your partner know that you want and need them.

2 sex secrets of happy couples

3. They make eye contact

Eye contact is probably one of the sexiest things you can do during sex. Your eyes speak more than you ever can in the heat of the moment. So open them and look at him, feel the emotions flowing between the two of you!

4. They don’t think of it as a job

Sex is not something they have to do. It’s never a compulsion. If they are not feeling up to it then they skip it and do something else instead. That’s what keeps their relationship strong - the fact that they actually enjoy sex every single time, instead of just doing it.

4 sex secrets of happy couples

5. They know there is something better than make-up sex!

Yup, make-up sex might be hot during the initial phase of a relationship but after a while, it gets tiring simply because you don’t want to fight so much! All happy couples know that forgive-and-forget sex is much more greater than make-up sex. The one where the fight actually ends and is not just put on hold.

6. They believe in quickies

No one has the time to have full blown sex all the time so they know that quickies work just as well. They are short, sexy and fun!

6 sex secrets of happy couples

7. They don’t keep movie like expectations...

You know those satin bedsheets and slow sighs of satisfaction where everything goes on smoothly? Yeah, that doesn’t happen. Happy couples know better than to have such unreal expectations. They know sex is messy, crazy, far from perfect but amazing at the same time.

8. But they strive to get better each time!

And though they are always happy with what they have, they are also aiming for more... For better timing, better positions, better understanding...they are always ready to learn and improve. They know that pleasuring their partner is very important too!

8 sex secrets of happy couples

9. They don’t withhold sex as a threat

Let’s just say that doing so is a big no-no in any phase of a relationship. Sex is something that both the man and the woman want out of a relationship, so why should one use it as a weapon against the other? Let fights be fights and sex be sex.

10. They laugh

Most importantly, all happy couples know to never get too serious. They can laugh and joke about things even during sex and still manage to enjoy it. Being playful in bed can actually turn on both of you more, if you think about it!

10 sex secrets of happy couples

So, there you go, now you know all the secrets too! *Wink*

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