Dear Mom & Dad, 13 Things I Just Can’t Thank You Enough For!

Dear Mom & Dad, 13 Things I Just Can’t Thank You Enough For!
You literally gave me life and I am glad to have been given the chance to be here on Earth. It is a crazy world but quite interesting and I owe you big time for bringing me here. But that's not the only thing I am thankful to you for! Here are some of the other reasons I am thankful to my parents for!

1. I thank you not just for giving me life but also for spending all your time, energy and money to raise me.

Your selflessness is a reminder of the goodness of mankind!

2. I also thank you for making me strong enough to go earn my own livelihood.

Seeing me struggle has not been easy for you and I respect you for not stopping me.

3. Thank you for making sure I got a great education.

As an adolescent, I might not have appreciated it but today, I feel ashamed thinking of how I didn't realize that you worked hard to ensure I got the opportunities you had not received.

3 thankful to my parents for

4. Thank you for standing by my side...

And trusting me when distant relatives cooked up stories about me.  

5. Also, I thank you for reprimanding me when I misbehaved.

I might not have appreciated it then, but it has taught me how to be an empathetic adult.

6. Thanks for showing by example how to respect everyone, irrespective of socio-economic status or age.

Growing up, I thought that's how everyone naturally behaved. It was a jolt to realize that the world is not that fair, but I am happy I'm not like all of them.

6 thankful to my parents for

7. Thank you for not making a big deal out of my mistakes.

For waving off a bad score and for showing me that true failure is giving up on yourself.

8. Thank you for letting me go on those school and college trips without batting an eyelid.

I had a lot of fun and it brought out the travel junkie in me.

9. Thank you for making all my favourite dishes whenever I visit home...

And I'm sorry for the times I threw tantrums about the sabzi you had made.

9 thankful to my parents for (1)

10. Thanks for caring whether I am sick or safe and for worrying about me all the time.

It reminds me that no matter how horrible my love life is, there are people who love me unconditionally.

11. Thanks for the hereditary sense of appreciation for the absurd and an unequivocal love for food.

These have kept me sane and happy.

12. When I was younger, I might have not appreciated it as much, but thanks for giving me siblings.

They have transformed into a combination of friends and stand-in parents.

12 thankful to my parents for

13. And last but not the least, thank you for teaching me how people don't have to be perfect to deserve love.

We know that none of us is perfect but we love each other anyway.

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