10 Fierce Pictures That’ll Give *Every* Girl A New Goal!

10 Fierce Pictures That’ll Give *Every* Girl A New Goal!
The girls from the POPxo blog network are up to something super cool! They have all taken to Instagram as a part of PUMA’s #DoYou movement. ‘DO YOU’ celebrates women who choose to live life on their own terms, define their own goals and refuse to let anyone or anything affect their spirit. Celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez, Kalki Koechlin, Sakshi Malik, Lisa Haydon and Anushka Manchanda are all a part of this amazing movement.

The bloggers are all posting images of themselves planking and honestly they make it look so good! Planking has never looked so effortless and easy. These pictures are giving us major fitness goals! Here is a list of ten of the most amazing photographs that we spotted on Instagram

1. Gone with the waves…

Because planking in a park or at the gym is way too mainstream! Why not plank at the beach and soak in the good vibes.

plankingImage: Karishma Yadav of Pinktrunk

2. Planking like the royals

Fitness while on vacay is super important. Who knew that the palaces of Udaipur made the perfect spot for an impromptu plank.

plankingImage: Gopika EM on Instagram

3. Kitchen fitness

Well, you can easily plank while the food is getting ready. Also isn't that dog the cutest thing ever!?!

plankingImage: Simran Handa of Wear Your Vogue

4.  Nature lovers

The great outdoors is the perfect place to exercise! Surrounded by gorgeous trees and beautiful foliage and of course the much needed fresh air.

planking Image: Nitika Choraria of The Glitter Crumb

5. Bar hopping!

Or rather bar planking, now who would have thought of that?

plankingImage: Natasha Luthra of Nat On The Rocks

6. Exotic locations? Sure!

After all, fitness doesn’t need to be restricted to the gym. So, step out and explore the world!

plankingImage: Nikita Mahendra of Style Chirp

7. Fierce and how

Because she looks so damn good planking in the middle of a construction site (Please don’t try this at home!)

plankingImage: Sushmita Agarwal of Miss Pink Shoes

8. Soak up the sun!

Get some vitamin D while planking? Sure! She makes it look absolutely effortless!

plankingImage: Rajni Khaitan of The Clic Chic

9. Here, there, EVERYWHERE!

Bored? Waiting for the next metro? Might as well stop and plank!

plankingImage: Ila Ismail of Wat Girls Want

10. Concrete jungle planking

Concrete jungles are where dreams are made, and planks look super classy!

plankingImage: Prerna Mehra of The Girl In Sky High Heels

Are you inspired by these girls? Because we sure are! If you (like us) would like to join the DO YOU movement and be a part of an event that attempts to break the Guinness World Record of the most people to hold the abdominal plank position for 60 seconds then register here and head on over to the JIO Garden, Mumbai on the 6th of November at 3 PM.

*This is a sponsored post for PUMA. Register for the #DoYou movement here.