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Dear Boyfriend, 13 Reasons I Want *You* Next To Me This Winter!

Dear Boyfriend, 13 Reasons I Want *You* Next To Me This Winter!

Dear Boyfriend, Winter is coming and it is going to be tough. Tough to get out of my cozy bed or wear so many clothes while still feeling cold! Thank God, I have your wide warm arms to keep me company. This winter, all I ask for is you! Here are 13 reasons I am glad I have you as a boyfriend during winters!
Love, Your warm and cozy Girlfriend. 1. So that I can wear all your comfy sweatshirts which, for some odd reason, look absolutely fantastic on me! 1 boyfriend during winters 2. Because you are always up for making me hot cocoa while I laze around in the bed. 3. So that we can cuddle under the blanket and never have to be cold…ever again! 3 boyfriend during winters 4. And while we are at it, we can binge watch every TV show ever made! Also read: 7 Ways To Spend *Quality Time* With Your Boyfriend! 5. So that I can steal all that extra body heat! How do you manage to be so warm all the time? 5 boyfriend during winters 6. Because your warm arm around me fits me better than my favourite sweater! 7. And you never judge me when I am chilling in my old sweat pants with my unwashed hair in a bun...mostly because you are doing the same!
7 boyfriend during winters 8. And when we need to take a bath, we can snuggle up in a warm bubble bath together, eh? 9. So that I can use your pockets as my gloves when we step out into the cold! 9 boyfriend during winters 10. Because all your sweaters are so much warmer than mine! And I get them for free! Also read: 13 ADORABLE TV Show Boyfriends We Wish Were Real! 11. Because we can do all the typical winter vacation stuff like attend New Year parties and shop for Christmas together! 11 boyfriend during winters 12. Or we could just head out for a camp under the stars and cuddle up next to a bonfire! 13. Because there is no better way to heat things up than you and me in one bed! *Wink* 13 boyfriend during winters GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Nov 6, 2016
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