11 PDA Rules Every Girlfriend Should Know About!

11 PDA Rules Every Girlfriend Should Know About!
There’s no harm in engaging in a little PDA here and there but it’s when you go overboard with all the hugs and kisses that you make people feel, well...a little uncomfortable. Here are 11 PDA rules every girl who is dating must know! (You’re welcome!)

1. We guarantee that a quick peck on the cheeks or the lips will make your man blush...

But making out (with tongue and all) is much better when done in private.

1 PDA rules

2. A pat on the butt when no one is looking is a flirty move and a pretty cute gesture...

But save the spanking for the bedroom, we say! *Wink*

3. Hold his hand and occasionally brush your arm against his.

Think of sweaty, sticky hands if you feel like linking arms and never letting go in crowded and closed spaces! (Nah! Not a good idea.)

3 PDA rules

4. Make your hugs last for not more than 5-10 seconds when you're with friends.

A little more than that can make it awkward for the other people in your group.

5. Sitting on his lap < Relaxing next to him

Using his arm as a pillow could also be another awesome option!

5 PDA rules

6. Running your fingers through his hair is a totally acceptable PDA move, girls!

It’s kind of sexy too!

7. A kiss on the forehead or on his hand can make his heart skip a beat.

It’s intimate and quite meaningful at the same time.

7 PDA rules

8. Grinding is so passe, slow dancing is the new kid on the block.

It’s classy and pretty romantic, if you ask us.

9. Express your love by looking straight into his eyes and holding that gaze.

It’ll make him go weak at the knees for sure!

9 PDA rules

10. Writing a love letter and sending a cute lovey-dovey text over flooding his entire FB wall with mushy messages and heart emoticons anyday!

Receiving a handwritten love note from you will make him smile all day long.

11. And when you declare your love, mean your words!

And not just do it for the people watching you!

11 PDA rules

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