11 *Different* Dates To Plan With Your Boyfriend This Winter!

11 *Different* Dates To Plan With Your Boyfriend This Winter!
This winter season, don’t just stick to cuddling under a warm blanket as your go-to dates. We know it’s tempting but try breaking up with your bed and actually stepping out for a fun date without freezing to death! Yes, you heard it right. Try these 11 winter date ideas that will keep you warm with excitement!

1. Create a personal BBQ session...

Hate cooking? Try a barbeque instead. It is easier and so much more fun to do. Make your own barbeque from scratch, using bricks and foil and just have a good time!

2. An arcade of fun

Since it is too cold to play outdoor games, go visit a gaming parlour instead! Yes, we know, you can stick to your Xbox or PlayStation but honestly, nothing beats all those old school games. Remember Pacman? Air hockey? They were sheer awesomeness and it’s definitely time to revisit it!

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3. Movies? Nah, go for a ‘play’ date!

Movies are so done and dusted and the movie theatre can sometimes be too cold for you in winters resulting in frequent bathroom breaks! Go watch a play, they have fewer people who’re truly there to appreciate the art and not just to pass time. This winter, try going out to watch a play!

4. Dinner date with a twist!

You can’t really avoid dinner dates, whether it’s summer or winter. But what you can do is add a little twist to them. Go to places that let you explore and experiment with food - make your own sushi? Chocolate? Ice cream? Beer? Wine tasting? Do everything other than just sitting and eating!

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5. Board games to the rescue!

And on the days when you really don’t feel like stepping out of the house, take out all your childhood board games and get the competition started. Experiment with some actual rewards for the winner to make things more interesting!

6. Visit a weird museum...

Whether you are the kind who likes museums or not, you won’t be able to avoid these weird museum themes. Like, the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in Delhi! Well, who can possibly not be interested in seeing the evolution of toilets? Check out these weird but interesting museums across India that you can visit with your man.

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7. Book a couple’s spa!

Going for a couple’s spa is the second best way to get naked! There are tons of spas available that will fit whatever budget you set for yourself. Book one and get your relax mode on!

8. Take a bicycle tour...

True, you will have to get up early in winters but wear a warm sweatshirt and you won’t regret your decision. There is nothing more satisfying than cycling on empty roads, seeing your city from a different perspective and having piping hot jalebis, Maggi and chai for breakfast!

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9. Decorate your room together

With winters we also see the festive season approach us so why not decorate each other’s room together? Take a day to put up lights, maybe even a Christmas tree. This way you can laze around the house while also being active!

10. Try everything ‘Holiday special’!

You will definitely see tons of ‘Holiday special’ events coming up around you. Don’t miss them! They are truly fun to attend! Whether it’s a food festival, a Christmas festival or a New Year party, get on with your socializing skills by attending everything you can!

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11. Visit an aquarium

If you need some warm blue in your life then take a trip to the city aquarium. You might have visited it as a child but the experience will be completely different as an adult. You can actually understand the marine life and be mesmerized by almost everything there. Pick a weekday, though, so that it isn’t crowded with families and children!

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