11 Naughty Adventures To Have With Him - At Least Once!

11 Naughty Adventures To Have With Him - At Least Once!
Ditch the boring and usual make out routine with your boyfriend and experiment with some new and exciting ideas to spice things up between the two of you! Here is a list of some naughty adventures that must be a part of your bucket list and which you must try with your partner! How many have you ticked off already?!

1. Try a new spot

Get out of your bed and try having a making out session (or even sex!) with your partner in new spots. You could use your kitchen counter, bathroom slab, dining table or even your car!

2. Play naughty games

You could either play ‘Truth or Dare’ or one of those adult board games too! These games would get you both turned on and serve as perfect foreplay.

2 naughty adventures

3. Watch porn together

Men are visual creatures and no matter how much they deny it, they do like watching porn. Surprise him and discover more of his sexy side by watching some porn together! This could also give you both some ideas to try and copy!

4. Drunk sex

Get a little bit tipsy and make love to each other. You both will discover a new world of pleasure once the inhibitions are gone!  

4 naughty adventures

5. A game of cat and mouse

Spice things up by wearing a short tight dress or a mini skirt with no panties. Give him a peek-a-boo by bending here and there and turn him on. Be a bit naughty, sit on his lap and before he touches you, run away! He will definitely chase you!

6. Striptease

Come out of your comfort zone and surprise him with a striptease performance. This will surely end in either a super sexy make out session or some passionate lovemaking!

6 naughty adventures

7. Spice up the oral sex

There are some special massage oils available nowadays - they are edible, tasty, warm and a great stimulus for oral pleasure. The warmth and feel of the oil will drive him crazy!

8. Sex in the woods

Sex on the beach is so passé, girls! Try out sex in the wild or the woods. Go camping and make love with nature and wilderness around you. But don't forget insect repellent!

8 naughty adventures

9. Get food in bed

Some food items can really turn both of you on! Drizzle honey on his chest and lick it off or spray some whipped cream on your body and have him clean it all up!

10. Be the boss

Take charge of the love making session and be the boss! Get on top of him and take control or hold his hand and guide him - show him what you want him to do and where you want to be touched.

10 naughty adventures

11. No hands allowed

Explore and touch each other’s body using only your tongue, lips and your breath. No hands are allowed! Time yourselves to see how long you last - just for fun!

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