#MyStory: We Got Caught Making Out In A Car And Then…

#MyStory: We Got Caught Making Out In A Car And Then…
Most of us would have encountered at least one person in life whom we got close to in a very short span of time. For me, this guy was Prateek.

We became close friends in less than a month’s time. Meeting him became an everyday affair. Sometimes, he’d be waiting for me if he got free from college early; sometimes, I waited for him, and so on. Both of us were single and we knew some chemistry was bubbling up...but we were just not ready for a relationship at that time.

But yes, we were up for a ‘friends with benefits’ sort of a thing.

While on call one night, Prateek asked me to meet him the next day. I knew this wasn’t gonna be one of those everyday random meetings we had so often, so I dressed up. The next day, after college, he came to pick me up. We decided to go to a mall’s parking lot near by. Since it was kinda secluded, it seemed safe to us. While on our way, I was pretty chilled out, but the moment we entered the parking lot, I could feel those butterflies inside my stomach.

He parked the car in an extreme corner, relaxed for a moment and turned to look at me (for safety purposes we had those black screens on our car windows that are illegal in Delhi).

Well, it all started with that gentle touch and talk session. And this guy was a really smooth talker, he could get me in the mood any time of the day, and night too. We started feeling each other up right there in the parking lot. I couldn’t believe we were making out in a car!

Internal making out in a car

Before I knew it, he leaned in and I could feel his tongue inside my mouth, while his hands moving wherever possible. He randomly said that he wants to go down on me, which took me by surprise. But this is something no girl can ever say no to! :P  

Moments later, he asked me to get on top of him! I was so into our make out session that I even agreed!

And then, the worst thing happened.

I realized that a guard was coming towards our car! I jumped off of him, and managed to put on my clothes in a rush, and so did he. Just as he reached us, I saw three more guards also coming our way, and one of them was about to call someone! I was scared out of my mind, but Prateek managed to handle the situation without having to even get out of the car.

We left that parking lot in a rush after that, looking neither right nor left. Although once we got back to our normal we laughed out our hearts out, I can’t deny that the ride back was a little awkward and embarrassing! All in all though, I have to say that the thrill of making out in a parking lot made it so much more fun!

Making out with this guy for the first time turned out to be a thrilling nightmare of sorts!

*Names changed to protect privacy

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