#MyStory: We Fought Through Our Courtship Period But Then...

#MyStory: We Fought Through Our Courtship Period But Then...
We dated for nearly a decade before we decided to tie the knot. Anshuman and I met in college and were classmates. In the first year of our bachelor's degree program, we kind of became best friends. We had a common gang of friends that gave us the liberty to spend maximum time of the day together. We never confessed our feelings to each other initially, may be because as teenagers we weren’t really sure about it. But after a while, he asked me out, and I said yes. We then enrolled for our masters program together and chose the same city for our respective jobs. Finally after years of dating we decided to get married. I was happy to watch my dreams come true.

However, a love story without a climax is not possible in the Indian society. After we proposed the idea to our parents, a lot of issues that I hadn’t expected at all, came up. And the funniest part was, both our parents were totally comfortable with the idea of us getting married, the relatives created all the problem.

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The situation became really unpleasant; and we started fighting over every little issue right from the venue of the marriage, the menu, choice of clothes, and even gifts. Everything became a part of our daily talks and to say the least, these hot debates left us both extremely irritated and mentally and physically tired. No matter how hard we tried to keep calm, the phone calls always ended on a bitter note. This continued as we fought through our courtship period.

I started feeling very insecure about our relationship. I couldn't believe that Anshuman could be so demanding and particular about his wedding, hence making me feel worthless. The more I tried to avoid talking about the wedding, the more he would poke me, leaving me hurt and remorseful.

Internal fought through our courtship period

However, my heart was not ready to accept that the person I had loved for the last 8 years could be so different from the person I was going to get married to. Since I had become deeply attached to Anshuman in the past years, I decided not to call off the wedding. So, letting go off all the pre-wedding hustle bustle, we both exchanged the vows on our D-day, giving light to our life and promising that no one will ever come between us.

Marriage is every girl's dream, so was it to me. Just one day after our wedding, we left for our honeymoon. Things were pretty good. Life seemed to be happy and joyful. I once again started enjoying his company, feeling a bit relaxed after three messy months before our wedding took place.

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But, life had planned more surprises for me. One day after we reached at our honeymoon destination, Anshuman and I had a horrific fight. We argued a lot and in the heat of the moment I ended up saying that I was unfortunate to have married him… These words left him aghast! He suddenly stopped, his expressions changed completely... I had a feeling that I had said something terribly wrong. He came to me, held me from the shoulder and pressed me tightly against his chest. “You know, I am very fortunate to have you in my life, you are my lucky charm,” he said. I cried, cried a lot. We then talked the whole night about how our relatives, societal pressure and expectations kept us occupied throughout our courtship period and how we totally neglected our love. We promised that we will be friends to each other rather than husband and wife. It’s been a year since then, and I can proudly say that I am happily married to the love of my life!

*Names changed to protect privacy.

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