#MyStory: How My Boyfriend Surprised Me On My 23rd Birthday | POPxo
#MyStory: How My Boyfriend Surprised Me On My 23rd Birthday

#MyStory: How My Boyfriend Surprised Me On My 23rd Birthday

You know how most people these days say that they don’t like celebrating their birthdays? Well, I have always been a ‘birthday person’. Each year I am more excited about my birthday than the last. I like to buy a special dress for my special day and be pampered and treated like a princess throughout. This year, I felt that my 23rd birthday would be even more special than the previous birthdays since I had a boyfriend to share it with. So I was looking forward to a grand celebration with him, my friends and family and I couldn’t wait for 13th October to arrive. Like every year, my closest friends and family would dine at a fancy restaurant, followed by a night of partying. Instead of giving any hints, I made it amply clear that my expectations of a grand birthday surprise were sky high and that I better be treated as an absolute princess.
Finally, on the big day, the clock struck 12 and the doorbell of my house rang! All my closest friends stormed in with party props, caps and my favourite finger-licking' delicious red velvet cake from my favourite bakery. Everyone was there, but no sign of my boyfriend Avi. Distracted by the noise and all the singing, hugs, kisses and cake cutting, I tried not to feel too bad about Avi not showing up. We clicked lots of pictures, after which I answered numerous birthday wish phone calls till almost 2 am. And guess what? There wasn’t a single text, let alone a phone call from Mr. Avi. All my friends had left by then and I thought to myself, this guy better have a good reason or I swear to god, he is so DEAD! Internal birthday surprise I was woken up next morning by my two best friends, Apoorva and Shireen, asking me to get ready quickly. I was absolutely confused with no idea of what was going on. They told me that Avi had planned a road trip to Neemrana Fort Palace! It took me a few seconds to fathom what was going on. Super excited, I jumped out of bed. After all, road trips were my favourite thing. And that too on my special day! It was literally the best surprise ever! After brushing my teeth, and slipping into my tracks, I hugged my parents after they wished me and headed out with the girls. Avi was sitting in his car, which had my favourite polka-dot balloons tied to the side view mirror. I slipped in and Avi gave me a sweet birthday kiss. I was getting butterflies in my tummy. Four of my friends seated at the back, along with Avi and I, set off to Neemrana. My face was still pink with excitement, and I felt so much love for Avi. He had spent the whole of last week being all aloof from me as he was busy planning the perfect surprise. This wasn’t all. Throughout our journey, he played ‘Muskaan’s (that’s me) Special Playlist’ on his iPod. And then after two hours, we finally arrived. He had a suite booked for my friends and a special room for just the two of us!
As soon as I entered our room to freshen up, there lay a sexy LBD (the one I had been eyeing at ZARA for so long) with a note saying ‘Happy Birthday Princess, it’s time to dress up’ (I remembered mentioning it to him once, long ago, that I loved how the hero did that for the heroine in a lot of romcoms, and this was a replay). Happy tears started flowing down my eyes. Avi had not only arranged for all this but had also made the effort of picking out the perfect dress for occasion. I mean, what a thoughtful and loving boyfriend I had. How many boys would actually go through the trouble of shopping for their girl unaccompanied? Next, we headed out of our rooms and spent the whole day by the poolside, drinking, playing games and exploring the gorgeous Neemrana Palace. We ended the night with some dancing, cake cutting and not to forget, some lovely photo sessions in my new LBD. While I ended up spending my birthday in a very different way from the typical annual celebrations, this was definitely a great surprise! This is how my boyfriend made my 23rd birthday the most memorable one so far. I think he is totally a keeper and I hope to celebrate many more birthdays with him! *Names changed to protect privacy Images: Shutterstock Have a story you’d like to share? Just drop us an email here with your story – don’t forget to put #MyStory in the subject line. We’ll get back to you about whether we can feature it.
Published on Nov 19, 2016
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