#MyStory: He Asked Me If I Was A Virgin And...

#MyStory: He Asked Me If I Was A Virgin And...
I really liked this guy who used to be my senior in school. He was tall, had sharp features and was extremely witty. He was the ‘popular’ kid during that time. I remember every girl having a crush on him because of his charismatic personality. Even though I never had the guts to tell him, I was one of them…

After school ended, we all parted ways. Everyone took up different courses or went abroad. I hadn’t heard from him for 8 years until I got a call from my friend who said a photographer friend wanted a model for his project.

I wasn’t a model by profession, but he was looking for someone who looked raw and natural on set. I decided to give it a shot. I met him at the studio and as soon as I walked in, my eyes caught his. For a good five seconds, we kept gazing at each other. I recognized him and gave him a side hug...it felt like instant attraction.

Gosh, had he changed! He had a rugged beard, a toned body and a rough voice. After the shoot, we exchanged numbers. We started texting first; late night calls and random meet-ups followed soon after...

We slowly started developing feelings for each other and one night while we were chilling on his terrace. He poured his heart out to me and said that he may have feelings for me. Even though I liked him, I wanted to think about it.

My previous relationships didn’t end on a good note and I certainly didn’t want to deal with all drama if it were to happen again. I had a solid bond of friendship with him and didn’t want to throw it away if we didn’t work out as a pair.

We texted after a week and just for kicks, I asked him to ask me one question he’s always wanted to know. Two blue ticks and he went offline. After 20 minutes, he asked me a question that took me by shock, ‘Are you a virgin or not’?

if i was a virgin

I mean, if I was a virgin or not, how would that make a difference? But since I was the one who had thrown the ball in his court, I had to answer it. I said ‘yes’. He was shocked and just replied with one message that read ‘okay’.

I further added that it was a my choice and unless I don’t click with someone mentally, emotionally and physically, I simply can’t give my body to them. It needs to feel right from within and till today, no man has managed to make me feel like it’s worth it.

While the grey ticks kept turning blue, I grew anxious of what was going through his mind, but then...he told me that he respected my decision and thoughts. He also added that no girl should feel forced to do something that they’re not comfortable with it.

As of now, he was just interested in getting to know me as a person. He wasn’t rushing into a relationship, and agreed to put a tag on it when I felt it was the right time. Currently, we’re just exploring our relationship and getting to know each other much better. I can’t believe that the guy who I knew from school and couldn’t muster the courage to even talk to, is my boyfriend today.

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