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What Happened When My Boyfriend Stayed The Night In My House

What Happened When My Boyfriend Stayed The Night In My House

I remember calling Abhishek over because my parents were out of town. It was a busy month for me and honestly, it had been awhile since we had spent quality time together. Limited calls, long hours of work and rarely catching up had created cracks in our relationship. So much so that I convinced him to leave early from work and crash at my place for the night.
We decided to spend the weekend together. He reached my place at around 9:30 pm on Friday. He was such a good boyfriend that he even brought home pizza, ice-cream and movies in a pendrive! As he relaxed on the couch, I took a shower and got ready to binge watch old movies all night. As I got out of the bathroom, I found him standing right outside my room. He grabbed me by my waist and passionately pressed his lips against mine and asked me to wait for him in the hall as he changed. Also read: What Happened When We Were Making Out… & An Uncle Interrupted! Soon, I saw him walk out wearing just his boxers and a smile on his face. He then warmed up the pizza and brought it over to the couch. It felt as if we were in the first month of our relationship all over again. As we were watching the second movie, I fell asleep on his chest. He scooped me up in his arms, turned off the tv and made his way to my room. He cuddled with me till the break of dawn...
Everything was going on perfectly until the doorbell rang. He jumped up with the sound of it and immediately woke me up. Unable to find my regular clothes, I quickly put his t-shirt on and asked him to stay in my bed without moving a muscle. my boyfriend and I were interrupted I kid you not, but I was very scared inside. I kept thinking that my parents changed their mind and came home instead. As I slowly opened the door, I was shocked to find my aunt standing there! She had come over to bring me breakfast. I thanked her, and I thought she would leave, but no! She stayed for a good half an hour. She kept telling me that the house looked messy because she saw pizza boxes and ice-cream spoons all over the couch and the carpet. Then she asked me the question I knew was coming, ‘Is there someone at your place?’ I instantly said, ‘Yes!’ I told her that my friend Pooja had spent the night here and she was still fast asleep. My aunt gave me this strange glare and said that she would meet me soon as she had to leave. I was so happy, but couldn’t show it on my face. While leaving, she turned back and said, ‘I didn’t know Pooja’s foot size is so big!’ I looked down and saw Abhishek’s sneakers on the floor. I giggled at her and just said, ‘Yeah!’ and shut the door.
I took a deep breath, walked into my room - only to not find Abhishek anywhere in my room! I panicked as I couldn’t find him anywhere around the house. I searched under the bed, behind the curtains and just when I went to open my closet, he jumped out and said, ‘Boo!’ Also read: What Happened When My Brother Caught Me With My Boyfriend! I was so shocked that I started scolding him. He then placed his finger on my lips and kissed me on my forehead and walked me into the kitchen. He then stared back at me and asked, ‘What do you want for breakfast, beautiful?’ In spite of the doorbell ringing and both of us freaking out, I did enjoy every moment I spent with him. I still can’t believe that my boyfriend and I were interrupted by my aunt, that too early in the morning! Till today, whenever Abhishek and I think about this incident, it always makes us burst into laughter. *Names changed to protect privacy
Images: Shutterstock
Published on Nov 4, 2016
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