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Here’s How I Got Over My Fear Of Moving To A New City

Here’s How I Got Over My Fear Of Moving To A New City

I have spent my whole life in Delhi, I was born here, I went to school here, I went to college here and eventually like an idiot I even started working here. At twenty three I realised it was high time I moved out of my home and got out of my comfort zone! My parents, unlike most others, were absolutely ecstatic, they were thrilled that I was finally leaving the nest. So with their support I made the hard decision to shift to Bangalore. I say hard because I have always been a little scared about moving to a completely new city. As a good dilli wali I have often wondered whether I would be able to settle in another city. Language, I assumed would be a major barrier and food another. I was so used to eating my ghar ka khanna I figured I wouldn’t be able to survive without it. But to be honest the thing that scared me the most was living away from my family and friends. They are my support system, I couldn’t imagine not having them by my side! But I decided that I wouldn’t let my fears hold me back. So I packed my bags and booked my tickets. The move there was pretty smooth. Finding a place to live and finding a job was fairly easy. But actually living in a city all by myself proved to be a lot harder than I anticipated. I had been warned by all and sundry that the first few days would be really tough and they weren’t lying. Living alone was predictably lonely, I would go to office and come back to an empty house. I soon realised that cooking for one was no easy feat. All my mother’s recipes were portioned to feed a family and the act of cooking dinner just for me was pretty depressing. moving to a new city One evening, as I droned on and on about the hardships of living in alone in a new city to my best friend, she suggested I download Tinder as a way to meet new people. At first I was really wary of the idea but then I decided it couldn’t hurt to try. Once I began swiping, I realised that it was so simple, and not to mention, so much fun to swipe your way into meeting new people. It helped me connect with people who shared similar interests, people who like me loved music and were always up for catching a live gig. Better yet, through my new buddies, I met and became friends with their friends as well. For the first time in months, I actually had something of a friend circle. Slowly this circle started expanding and I started feeling more at home in this new city. My friends became my official tour guides, they took me to the most amazing restaurants and the best places to shop, to concerts and through it all we had an absolute ball. Thanks to them I now speak some broken Kannada and can (for the most part) at least manage a conversation with the autowallahs, which I have to admit made my life so much easier! I loved having my friends over and whipping up a meal for them - it almost felt like I was home again. moving to a new city (2) After a few months of living in Bangalore, thanks to my new friends (courtesy Tinder), I began to settle into my new life. I grew to love the independence that came with living alone, the freedom to do whatever I liked was amazing. Also, hopefully through the course of meeting so many interesting people, I’ll meet a special someone as well. As they say anything can happen when you swipe right! *This is a sponsored post for Tinder
Published on Nov 29, 2016
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