Moving to a New City? A Checklist to Help You Survive!

Moving to a New City? A Checklist to Help You Survive!

“Is everything packed? Are the movers here? Where did I put my shoes? I hope it won’t be difficult to settle in!” With these and many more thoughts hovering in one’s head, moving to a new city can be pretty stressful. In some cases, coming to terms with certain facts is the best way to deal with any shifting blues. Here is a checklist of things to keep in mind when you are moving to a new city!

1. You will miss your old home and be homesick for a few weeks

There’s no point denying it. You will feel lonely for a while before you make new friends.

Moving to New City

2. You might not understand what anyone says

Speaking and understanding what people say can be a huge problem if you are completely unfamiliar with the local language. To avoid any serious problems, pick up a guide for the city’s lingo and start working towards acquainting yourself with a few basic phrases.

Moving to New City

3. Prepare to walk around the city a lot

It’s the best way to get to know a new city and its quirks. It's the best way to find nice restaurants, pretty parks and fun bars. But bear in mind that if you are moving to a city like Delhi, it's not a good idea to go walking around at night - so make sure you understand the city's dynamics and how safe it is.

4. You must party and socialize even if you feel awkward

The first few weeks in a new city can be uncomfortable, without real friends and only office colleagues or college mates to hang out with. Be that as it may, you will still have to try and get to know new people and cultivate friendships if you want to make the city your home.

Moving to New City

5. Budget!

Moving is expensive, especially if you’re going to be living alone. Hiring help and setting everything up takes ages, and until then you’ll need to spend a lot more than what you've thought of as your daily-living budget. Also, make sure you open an account in an efficient bank that has a branch near where you live.

6. Figure out public transport

Familiarize yourself with bus routes, taxi services and metro lines if you don’t own a car. Rate cards are also super useful - get hold of them.

7. Choose your neighbourhood carefully

You don’t want to end up in a locality that is unsafe and dangerous! Or one that is unnecessarily expensive. Ask for as much information as possible about potential neighbourhoods, rents, and tenant rights from Facebook groups like Flats Without Brokers.

Moving to New City

8. Gym/ Sports complex

All sports and health freaks would understand the importance of having a sports complex or gym nearby! Also, they are great places to meet new people from different professions and strike up new friendships.

9. Doctor/ Hospitals

Find a general physician, gynaecologist, a hospital with 24/7 emergency care and a 24-hour chemist that is close to your house so that you know where to go and whom to call in case of an emergency.

10. Parlour/ Tailor/ Dry cleaners/ Home delivery, etc.

These basic amenities are crucial to surviving in a new city. Find a parlour that is close by; a dry cleaner whom you can trust with your dresses; a kirana shop that delivers; a sabzi waala; a tailor who can alter your clothes without ruining them. And all of the other services that you need for daily survival!

Moving to New City

11. Find yourself a dependable friend or guardian

It’s really important to have an emergency contact person who can drive you to the hospital or come and rescue you if you are stuck somewhere. Make sure you know someone who can do this for you.

12. City specific apps

Until you are completely familiar with the city and its idiosyncrasies, it will be useful to download city-specific apps on your phone that will help you navigate the city better.

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