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15 Movies You Can Watch On YouTube - No Need To Torrent!

15 Movies You Can Watch On YouTube - No Need To Torrent!

YouTube is an amazing place, isn’t it? You can find music, funny videos, lyrics, karaoke videos and so much more...everything is just a click away! One of the many things that you can find are also movies! Yup, you can actually rent and even purchase full movies on YouTube and watch them. Though you have to wait a while for new releases to show up, it saves up on a lot of money! And the comfort of watching it at your home is another plus! Here is a list of 15 movies to watch on YouTube right now! P.S.: We suggest renting the movies instead of purchasing them. It allows you to watch the movie for 48 hours after you rent it. Which is good enough time, we think!

1. The Jungle Book

The famous cartoon that we fondly remember for its Hindi title song - ‘Jungle jungle baat chali hai, pata chala hai, chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai’, was finally released as a movie in April 2016. If you managed to miss it, like many of us did, then watch it on YouTube! Instead of spending tons of money on the tickets, the popcorn and Coke, now you can watch the movie for just INR 100 and spend the rest of the money on some nice delish food to go with it! Rent: Rs 100.
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2. Bajirao Mastani

All of us wanted to watch the movie for a lot of reasons - Deepika Padukone’s gorgeous clothes, Priyanka Chopra’s oomph and Ranveer Singh’s total transformation, among others. But of course, many of us couldn’t watch it for various reasons as well. That doesn’t mean you will have to forever live under that rock. What are you still waiting for? Rent: Rs 25.
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3. Finding Dory

If you have watched and loved Finding Nemo then you absolutely have to watch Finding Dory! The story of Dory, the forgetful little fish. The movie is worthy of all your ‘awwws’ and sighs as we set on another journey in the seaworld! Rent: Rs 100.
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4. Dil Dhadakne Do

You have to watch Zoya Akhtar’s family drama for the sheer madness of it. A lost son, a trapped daughter, a couple who’ve seen the uglier side of life and survived it. All of it and how they mask all of their feelings! It definitely is a fresh perspective to the ‘family drama’ genre of films made in India.
Rent: Rs 100.
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5. Zootopia

Zootopia is an extremely fun and modern take on the world of animals. It follows the life of a bunny cop and a small time crook wolf as they try to save their town. What’s fun about the movie are its analogies and sense of real life. After all, it was the first animated movie that actually put earphones in the animals’ ears and not on their heads! Rent: Rs 100.
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6. Kapoor And Sons

Another family drama that released this year with our beloved trio - Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan that gave new life goals to all family dramas from hereon. Rishi Kapoor’s total transformation and the impeccable acting by all the actors is something that truly set the film apart while teaching us a thing or two about life. So if you missed it then, you can catch it now! Rent: Rs 100.
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7. The Conjuring 2

The sequel to one of the best horror movies in recent times, Conjuring 2 is bound to send shivers down your spine! Especially, if you have a love-hate relationship with horror movies! So hold onto your blanket and popcorn bucket and let the screams begin! Rent: Rs 120.
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8. Piku

The sweet and sour relationship of a father and daughter and how it effects both of their lives. This feel good movie brought something amazing to Indian cinema. Watch it for Deepika Padukone, Irrfan Khan, Amitabh Bachchan and all their ‘motion se emotion’.
Rent: Rs 50.
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9. Now You See Me 2

The famous...or shall we say infamous illusionists - The Four Horsemen find themselves in trouble in China. What will be their next step but most importantly, will they beat that amazing final trick they pulled off in part one? Watch to find out! Rent: Rs 120.
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10. Titli

Titli is a real and heartwarming tale of a young boy and girl who are meant to get married to each other, according to the wishes of their families. The boy, however, wishes to get away from the life his family had built and they end up finding friends in each other. A very interesting yet underrated film that you must have missed on the big screen but you should definitely watch it while you can! Rent: Rs 75.
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11. Kung Fu Panda 3

Po is back! In the final installment of the Kung Fu Panda series! And this time he is looking for the final piece of the puzzle that is his life - his family. Will he find them? Will he not? Will they be as cute as him or even better? Find all your answers in this super fun movie! Rent: Rs 120.
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12. Fan

If you are an SRK fan and you somehow missed this movie on screen or just didn’t go because of the not-so-great reviews, this is your second chance. Watch the relationship between an actor and his fan and how things can turn really ugly really fast! Makes us thankful we aren’t all that famous, huh?
Rent: Rs 75.
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13. The Intern

How would it feel when a 70 year old man joins a startup as an intern? Some major awkwardness, right? That’s the plot of Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway starrer The Intern. And it is absolutely as fun as it sounds! Rent: Rs 120.
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14. Talvar

The controversy that truly shook the nation. Talvar will take you down the road where you can’t help but think of the sorrow, the betrayal and the possibilities. If you couldn’t see it on the big screen, take some time out to see it on the small screen because it is definitely worth it! Rent: Rs 25.
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15. Inside Out

Inside Out is one movie that really shows you the depth of human imagination. The movie is about human emotions. Like, for real, we are inside people’s heads finding out how our minds function and who runs it and it’s not just extremely cute but leaves you in awe with its humour and the thought that must have gone in its making. Rent: Rs 100.
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Published on Nov 25, 2016
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