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10 Makeup Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older!

10 Makeup Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older!

We all love experimenting with makeup, from smokey eyes to winged liner, we’ve tried it all. But, there are some common makeup mistakes that we make which could be making us look way older than we actually are. We’ve listed those out below as well as simple fixes to achieve a youthful glow all the time!

1. Skipping foundation

1 makeup mistakes
Foundation is the holy grail of base makeup. It gives your skin an even finish by hiding the dry patchy spots and mattifying the shiny ones. Depending on the coverage, it can create a natural, dewy look. But remember not to apply too much. The right shade for your skin tone is also important, if it isn’t a perfect match it can make you look older and too made up. Choose the right shade by swiping on foundation onto your jaw rather than your hands to get a better idea of how it looks on your skin.

2. Not giving your skin an even finish

Concealer or foundation that isn’t blended well can result in a patchy and uneven look, especially if you don’t apply the base on your neck as well, to make sure it matches your face. In order to give a youthful appearance to your skin, it is important that your skin appears to be even toned. This can be achieved by using a good quality foundation and blending well. Blending is the key to flawless makeup. Dampening makeup brushes and sponges before use is a great way to achieve a flawless and streak-free finish.

3. Shimmery Makeup

3 makeup mistakes
No, not everything that glitters look pretty, ladies, especially in terms of makeup. Excessive use of highlighter and glittery products can make you look like you're from a different era! Not cool! We love the dewy glow of a highlighter, but try not to get carried away with it. Keep it subtle because less is definitely more when it comes to makeup!

4. Applying blush at the wrong spots

Applying blush onto the apples of your cheek is passé. Work with your natural contour and don’t limit the colour to a blob of pink or peach on your cheeks. Use swiping motions to evenly spread the colour towards your temples to avoid looking dated.

5. Choosing the wrong cheek colour = Sunken cheeks

5 makeup mistakes Don’t be afraid of colours when it comes to your cheeks. Bright colours can bring a youthful vibe to your look and help your cheeks appear fuller rather than sunken. You have so many options - from pinks to peaches to bronze to oranges. Test many colours to find the perfect one for your skin tone. Keep in mind that what looks good during the day may not be so under yellow light during the night. Have alternatives for different types of lighting that you encounter often.

6. Getting carried away with lip liner

Makeup artists are always advising us to use a lip liner that matches the lipstick for a flawless pout and we all love overdrawing the lips (in moderation of course) to fake plumper lips. But, keep it reasonable. Don’t sketch on an entirely different look, work with your natural lip shape and enhance it slightly using lip liners. Also, using a lip liner that is too dark or doesn’t match your lipstick shade can seriously make you look like you stepped out of the 80s.

7. Finishing your look with powder

7 makeup mistakes We know that a lot of girls rely on powder to set their makeup and keep it all in place, but powder prevents your skin from reflecting light, making it appear dull rather than radiant and young. It can also settle into fine lines and make you look older. Try and use only a little bit if you must.

8. Applying mascara to your lower lashes

Applying mascara to your upper lashes instantly opens up your eyes and gives them that extra oomph. But applying it to your lower lashes can make them look spidery as well as accentuate dark circles and fine lines around your eyes. It’s better to apply a generous coat on the top and skip your bottom lashes altogether.

9. Picking the wrong concealer

9 makeup mistakes Pick a colour too light and you look sallow, pick a colour too dark and you defeat the entire purpose of using a concealer. Try out the concealer on your jawline to be sure of the exact shade for your skin. The idea is to conceal and highlight, not to draw attention to imperfections. Also, pick a concealer depending on your skin type. Dry skin reacts better to liquid concealers while oily skin adapts better to creamy or mousse based concealers. You want your concealer to blend in and not crease or settle in any fine lines you may have!

10. Not lining your upper eyelids

Lining only your lower lids makes your eyes appear bottom heavy and drags your face down. It also makes you look a bit older than you actually are. Don’t skip lining the upper lids, especially if you have hooded eyes.
Images: Shutterstock
Published on Nov 11, 2016
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