11 Lies Bollywood Told Us About Wearing Sarees!

11 Lies Bollywood Told Us About Wearing Sarees!
The nine yards of cloth is absolutely our favourite. There is no doubt that a saree can make you look beautiful, glamorous, chic, sexy - in short, it is an all-in-one deal. Bollywood has been our inspiration for saree draping and our favourite heroines have been our role models. Although, our Bollywood beauties have told us various lies about wearing sarees! So here is a list we made of some such lies!

1. Cold? What’s that?

This is the biggest lie ever. According to Bollywood, no matter how cold it is, the heroine feels just fine in a tiny saree blouse. Well, keeping this in mind, we have also worn sarees for various outdoor functions in winters... And have frozen to death!!

1 lies about wearing sarees

2. Bra cum blouse = Two in one!

Remember the gorgeous Deepika Padukone from the song Batameez Dil in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? We cannot get over her beautiful blue saree and the oh-so-sexy blouse with it. Her bralette-blouse become a trend and all of us ran to our tailors to get one stitched for ourselves too but sadly our tailors are no match for Bollywood ones!

3. Running is so easy

Kajol in the song Suraj Hua Madham and Katrina Kaif in the song Teri Ore were so comfortable not only wearing or walking in a saree but even managed to run in their sarees. And here, we are struggling and practicing how to even walk in a straight line.

3 lies about wearing sarees

4. The wind blowing doesn't bother the saree

No matter how strong the wind is, it would only make you hair and your saree fly beautifully. We so wish this was true because for us, the flying saree pallu only makes us look silly!

5. Underwater saree?

Not only are our Bollywood divas comfortable wearing a saree on land, they are even comfortable wearing one underwater. Yes, we all have seen Kareena Kapoor in a saree underwater in the song Roshni Se from Ashoka. Pre-wedding photoshoot inspiration, girls?

5 lies about wearing sarees

6. Saree ke fall sa kabhi match kiya re...

Of course, it is so easy to dance to this or any other song while wearing a saree… NOT!

7. The romantic pallu

It is so romantic to see the heroine’s pallu flowing with the wind and caressing the hero’s face softly. We all wish for something similar to happen with us too but we're tied down with safety pins instead.

7 lies about wearing sarees

8. Never any wardrobe malfunctions

Bollywood heroines can run, dance, jump, skip, swim, hop or do anything but there would never be even one pleat that would go out of place. HOW?!

9. Rain dance in a saree?

Rain dance wearing a saree? Has anyone ever tried this Bollywood marvel? Well, let us tell you, it's not as sexy as it looks on screen!

9 lies about wearing sarees

10. Sarees always look fresh and ironed

No matter for how long they've been wearing a saree in a movie or how many times they might sit and stand up, a Bollywood saree never gets crushed. It always feel like they just walked out from the parlour!

11. Desi girl swag

No matter how difficult and uncomfortable it might be in the beginning to wear a saree, there is no doubt that girls look their gorgeous best in it. Priyanka Chopra gave us some everlasting #SareeGoals in the song Desi girl and even if we can't live up to those, we definitely still have the desi girl swag down pat!

11 lies about wearing sarees

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