An Open Letter From A Bride-To-Be To Her Father...

An Open Letter From A Bride-To-Be To Her Father...
Dear Papa,

I know you’re surprised to get this letter from me. I’ve never really written anything to you except wishes on a birthday card. But I don’t know why, today I just felt like writing this letter to you. There have been so many things I’ve always wanted to tell you, but somehow I didn’t really do it. Maybe I didn’t find it important at that time. But yesterday, at my engagement, right after the rings were exchanged, I saw a look on your face that I had never seen before. I sensed something behind that smile of yours. A feeling I can’t really explain in words. I saw your eyes… You were as usual, holding your glass of whisky and chatting with your best friend, but there was something in those eyes that I had never seen before. Dad, I love you and I want you to know that your little girl is all grown up now. You have to stop worrying about me and be the proud father of the bride.

I know you’re scared for my future, I know you still hold your doubts, I know you’re sad to see me go, I know you’re still a little apprehensive about the man I’ve chosen. But papa, I am your daughter and no one can take that away from me. You’ve taught me a lot more than you’ll ever know. And there’s so much I’ve learnt from you unknowingly. I look up to you Papa. I always will. As a kid, you helped me with my school projects, hosted the most fabulous birthday parties, took me for long adventurous trips and stood outside waiting for my hobby classes to finish. I don’t remember you saying no to anything I ever asked for. And now that I’ve grown up, I realize how hard it must’ve been.

Internal father of the bride

I am getting married in six weeks dad, and there is just so much I am feeling right now. I know you’re stressed about the arrangements, about the money, but dad, I don’t want that wedding if it’s going to put you under any sort of burden. I just want a wedding where you and mom can be with me, holding my hand, smiling with me, enjoying the celebrations and spending time with me on my special day. Because you two are all that matter. You two are the only ones who can give me my fairytale wedding… Just by being there.

Papa, it’s going to be so hard for me to not wake up to your voice early in the morning! I am going to miss us ganging up against mom or discussing the latest news every Sunday morning. I am going to miss those not-so-tasty sandwiches that you dutifully prepare every weekend and I am going to miss you every time I fall ill… You know I only feel better with your medicines. I will just miss our everyday routine…of being a daughter…your little daughter. Why did I grow up so soon, dad?

But dad, you know what? I really do love the man I’ve chosen to embark on this new journey with. And I am sure, you too will fall in love with him as you get to know him better. And you know that one thing I love most about him? That he respects you and mom just like his own. I know married life is not a bed of roses but as far as I have you by my side, I know I’ll be able to sail smoothly through it all. After all, I am your girl…strong, independent and level headed… The three qualities you gave me and these will always be my greatest wealth.

Ok papa, I gotta go now. Have my wedding lehenga trial today. But dad, before I end this letter, can I ask you for a favour? I know our tradition calls for the sisters and friends to walk the bride down the aisle. But dad, I want you to walk me down. You brought me into this world, you taught me how to hold my head high and it’s because of you that I experienced so many wonderful things in life. There is no one else I’d want to walk me to that stage… Will you, please?

I love you, Papa! And no matter how much I grow up, I’ll always and forever be my daddy’s lil’ girl first.

Love you!

Your not-so-grown-up daughter.

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