12 AWESOME Ideas For Your Last *Single* Birthday!

12 AWESOME Ideas For Your Last *Single* Birthday!
You are going to be married soon and your next birthday is going to be as a ‘Mrs’ and as a wife. If this is the case, you’re lucky that you get to celebrate this birthday knowing it’s the last one as a ‘single’ (well, with a twist) girl and that it is one that falls in your courtship period. You can enjoy the benefits of both - being engaged, as well as being single. To make this day all the more special for you, here are some celebration ideas that will definitely make your last birthday before marriage a memorable one!

1. Take the day off

First and foremost, take the day off from work and enjoy your day by pampering yourself and being with the ones who mean the most to you.

2. Brunch at your family’s fave restaurant

You might be shifting to another city or moving to a different country post marriage. To spend more time with your family, organise a brunch with them at the family’s fave restaurant. All of our families have that one favourite eating joint, right?

2 last birthday before marriage

3. Revisit your gang’s favourite hangout

Let’s not forget your friends who have ensured that you have a blast on every birthday of yours. Dedicate a part of your day to them and plan an outing at your favourite hangout. Reliving your college and school memories with your girl gang will be so much fun.

4. Midnight date with your fiance

Bring in your birthday with him by planning a midnight date with him. It could be something as simple as a walk at your favourite spot in the city. After all, he is this one with whom you will bring in all of your birthdays to come.

4 last birthday before marriage

5. Go on a holiday

If you have been saving money for that solo trip or for that girls’ trip, this is the time to make your dream come true. Use the birthday card and travel to that one destination you’ve always wanted to go to.

6. Do something crazy

Always wanted to go skydiving but never got around to doing it? Or always wanted a tattoo but couldn’t gather the courage to go through with it? Well then, this is the day for you, get out of your comfort zone and do something crazy. Get over your fears and go on that adventure. These birthday memories will last you a lifetime!

6 last birthday before marriage

7. Merge the bachelorette and birthday party

If you’re short on time, get your besties to plan a bachelorette party and pick your birthday as the day for them to throw this 2-in-1 bash. This one’s bound to be such a blast!

8. Joint family dinner

You are now blessed with two sets of parents. Plan a dinner with both the families. #HumSaathSaathHain. *wink*

8 last birthday before marriage

9. Extended birthday celebrations

Why not have extended birthday celebrations? Take a weekend road trip with your family or with your friends as an extension to all the partying. After all, it’s your last ‘single’ birthday and you surely deserve all this attention and fun.

10. Nothing like a slumber party

Bring in your birthday with your sisters and cousins at home. Organise a pyjama party and watch your favourite movies or play fun games like dumb charades with everyone. Since none of you will end up sleeping anyway, you can even extend your party till the morning and have a sumptuous breakfast together!

10 last birthday before marriage

11. Create a bucket list

It’s not that you won’t get an opportunity to do certain things once you are married, but there certainly are some that are more fun to go through with when you’re single. Create a bucket list of all those things you’ve always wanted to do or maybe even buy, and start ticking them off in your birthday week.

12. Lunch date with mom

Mom is your world, isn’t she? Spend quality time with her, we say. She is going to miss you the most, once you are married and you will make her the happiest by choosing her over everyone else to spend time with on this day.

12 last birthday before marriage

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