10 AMAZING Movies To Make You Believe You Can Run The World!

10 AMAZING Movies To Make You Believe You Can Run The World!
Who run the world? Girls! Yup, Beyoncé got it right, there’s nothing we can’t do when we set our hearts and minds to it, ladies. And if you ever need to rekindle that girl boss spirit, here are some amazing movies every girl should watch. These will inspire you and help you realize that no dream is too high and if you really want to, you can run the world. But after you finish your tub of popcorn, of course!

1. Legally Blonde

1. movies every girl should watch

‘Being true to yourself never goes out of style!’ Meet Elle Woods - she’s a loyal sorority sister, she loves her chihuahua, Bruiser, as much as she loves the colour pink and she’s the pioneer behind the bend-and-snap movement! But don’t be fooled by her sweet exterior, she’s super smart too - in fact, she kicks ass at Harvard Law! Okay, so she follows her ex (who dumped her for a ‘smarter’ girl) to law school, but ends up showing him how much better she is than him! And even though people judge her by her looks and refuse to take her seriously, that doesn’t stop her from getting to the bottom of a high-profile murder case. You go, girl!

2. Queen

2 movies every girl should watch

Raise your hand if you can watch this movie again and again! We love, love, love Kangana's portrayal of Rani. Her fiancé dumps her, but that doesn’t stop her from going on their honeymoon alone. Tag along as she explores the world, makes unexpected friends and blossoms from a naive, small-town girl into a confident, independent woman. Who said you need a man to define your life? With a little bit of courage, strength and spirit, there’s nothing you can’t do.

3. Erin Brockovich

3. movies every girl should watch

This movie will definitely give you an inspirational dose of girl power. A super sassy single mom with a no-nonsense attitude in high heels and a push-up bra who’s down on her luck convinces an ill-tempered lawyer to hire her as his assistant. Despite her lack of formal education in law, she manages to lead an investigation that exposes the unethical practices of a multi-million dollar power company. It’s no wonder Julia Roberts won an Oscar for this fantastic role. The fact that it’s based on a true story makes it even better!

4. Mulan

4. movies every girl should watch

‘What beautiful blossoms we have this year. But look. That one is late, but I bet when it blooms, it’ll be the most beautiful of all.’ There’s nothing like a good ol’ Disney classic to help inspire you to achieve it all and assure you that everything’s going to be all right. And this inspiring tale about a teenage girl who doesn’t let her family’s expectations stop her from being a straight-up warrior does just that. The struggle is real but the pay-off always makes it worth it.

5. Mary Kom

5. movies every girl should watch

If you’re ever feeling down and unsure about achieving your dreams, this riveting biopic about courage and unwillingness to quit will definitely turn that mood around. Following the story of a small town girl who beats all odds to become the only 5-time World Amateur Boxing champion, this movie definitely showed the world that there’s nothing a woman can’t do.  

6. Coco Before Chanel

6. movies every girl should watch

Aren’t we all curious to learn more about the woman who built one of the biggest fashion empires in history? In fact, she taught us all to wear the pants, quite literally (before Chanel, trousers were only restricted to a man’s wardrobe)! Follow her love affair with fashion, her determination to stand out in a male-dominated field and her perseverance towards her vision. She will motivate you to follow your passion no matter how hard or absurd. There’s nothing you can’t achieve ladies!

7. Neerja

7. movies every girl should watch

With beauty, compassion and admirable courage in the eyes of death, Neerja will make you cry buckets and also teach you to be selfless and fearless. This movie will make you feel it all - joy, anger, sadness and, most of all, inspiration and admiration for a real-life hero who sacrificed her life to save countless others. She stood for what’s right and her dynamic-spirit can teach every girl something.

8. Up In The Air

8. movies every girl should watch

Okay, this movie actually follows George Clooney’s journey but there’s also a lot to take back from him mentoring Natalie Keener, played by Anna Kendrick. She’s a complete go getter with incredible focus and a guns-blazin’ attitude towards her career, but on the other hand, she places a lot of importance in finding the right guy to achieve happiness. Watch her grow in this corporate-centric film and evolve into someone with a healthier attitude towards people. Did we mention George Clooney’s in the film? *Sigh*  

9. English Vinglish

9. movies every girl should watch

From feeling sorry for timid, suppressed Shashi, who is bullied and laughed at by her own husband and kids for not knowing how to speak in English, to admiring her courage and will to earn respect. We were pretty mesmerized by this film and Sridevi’s portrayal of a woman who goes through a dramatic transformation from a simple and shy housewife to a bold, confident woman who gains pride and doesn’t let language barriers stand in her way.

10. The Proposal

10. movies every girl should watch

Don’t you just love a romantic comedy with plenty of depth and a strong female protagonist? This one stars none other than Sandra Bullock, the queen of rom coms, and the super gorgeous Ryan Reynolds. She’s a cold, b*tch-boss lady in the publishing world who believes her tough exterior helps get her ahead in her field. He’s her gorgeous assistant whom she treats terribly but somehow convinces to pretend that they’re getting married so she doesn’t get deported and can keep her high-position job. Needless to say, chaos ensues! He realizes her overbearing personality is just a protective shell because of a bad past, she realizes the things that are actually important in life and the rest, as they say, is history. Watch it for that warm, fuzzy feeling and to learn the importance of finding the right balance of love, happiness and ambition.

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