I Went On 5 Dates With 5 Different Guys - Here’s What Happened! | POPxo
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I Went On 5 Dates With 5 Different Guys - Here’s What Happened!

I Went On 5 Dates With 5 Different Guys - Here’s What Happened!

I’m a girl who loves to date. By date, I don’t mean ‘dating’, but going on a lot of dates. The entire process of getting ready, picking a place, a little bit of flirting and meeting a new person is rousing for me. Going on multiple dates has also made me confront different parts of my personality and given me a better idea of what I was really looking for in my ‘ideal’ guy.  
I was in a relationship for about two and a half years and the typical happened – we lost the spark! I realized that keeping the spark and the excitement alive was a huge deal for me. Surprisingly, my breakup only persuaded me to find the fireworks, or the spark, I missed in my previous relationship! So the next thing I did was download a popular dating app. Since I wasn’t looking for a full blown relationship, I chose to ‘match’ with travelers. It was a good decision since they were visiting for only a few days, they had the best stories and they didn’t come from the same background, which made things more interesting for me. I also seemed to connect with them better because of similar interests. Moreover, I decided to do give myself a dating challenge since I wanted high-speed delights and instant gratification. And that’s when these some-amazing, some-uncomfortable dates happened…

Date 1: The Office Flirt

We matched and we started having a regular conversation. It was in between a usual chat when we realized that we worked in the same building. All I knew about him was that he was representing France in India for a short period of time and that we were literally a floor apart. He called it an office flirt and I totally agreed. We skipped the beating around the bush business and decided to head to dinner instead. He suggested a quaint café with live music and I couldn’t be happier. I slipped into my side-cut black dress and went ahead for my date. We spoke about little random things, from the city of Sartrouville in France to the toppings that go best on a waffle! I liked that he was funny and down to earth. I liked the little conversations we had. We ended the night with a kiss and I headed back home. He suggested we keep in touch till he was in town and sneak out for coffees or bagels occasionally. But the ‘spark’ faded away the same day for me and I couldn’t keep it up…
dating challenge1

Date 2: The One Who Never Spoke

It was probably one of the most awkward dates that I’ve been on and it still makes me want to hide forever. We met after a few hours of talking. I wore a midnight blue blouse and culottes and he showered me with compliments as he greeted me. It all seemed very exciting in the beginning but as the date began and as I began to ask a bunch of questions, he only responded with head nods and chuckles. It was almost like he had forgotten how to have a conversation. I was pretty patient considering English was not his first language, but I later got restless and decided to end the night abruptly. I headed straight home for Netflix and pizza!

Date 3: The Dream (Boy)

He was the most handsome guy I had ever been on a date with. It was almost like he was a walking piece of art and I’m not even exaggerating. Staring at his teal blue eyes, for a moment, I did feel he was way out of my league but then I thought it’s meant to happen. He kinda made me like the things I hated, for instance, being fed like a toddler. Post a glass of mulled wine and feeding each other a slice of pumpkin cake, we decided to take a walk. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and wearing four-inch high sandals on a rocky street wasn’t a great combination. But he gladly put his arm around me so I wouldn’t fall. (Thank you, uncomfortable shoes!) We found a spot to sit and stayed there till past midnight, showing each other tons of pictures from our trips and trying to teach each other a bunch of words in our native languages. It was time to head home after stealing a few pecks. It was hard to believe he was leaving the country the very next morning. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect date. Although we did bid goodbyes, we decided to stay in touch and we still talk every couple of days…

Date 4: The Mr. Mount Everest

I wish I knew how tall the guy was before I decided to go on a movie date with him. We had planned to watch a Marvel movie and I’m glad I didn’t have to make conversation because looking up to him was as big a task as climbing a mountain. Staring at his chest more than his eyes made me uncomfortable enough to not call for a second date. He was a pretty funny guy though! After going from one date to another, I started feeling a complete blur, with one date running into another. I finally decided to put a stop to it until…

Date 5: Mr. Darcy, Is That You? (Jk!)

We didn’t have an exciting conversation starter. It was pretty plain and regular. I was beginning to be infrequent on the app so it led to delayed replies. He seemed to be patient enough and not lose interest. We exchanged numbers and planned to meet the same week but a spontaneous trip with my mum cancelled the date. Before I returned, he flew back to his home country. For me, everything was pretty much over until he continued texting. Before I realized, we were texting and calling every single day. Then (finally) after two months, we decided to have our first official date…on Skype. I did my hair and put on a black cold-shoulder top and he was grinning in his crisp blue shirt! We spoke, laughed (a lot) and made a long list of things we’d do when he was back in the city. We talked for almost two hours and I don’t remember the last time I had such a great conversation. Who said only opposites attract? I haven’t met a more similar person in life. We share similar dreams, a taste in music and movies and are total planners. It is safe to say that I completely adore him. We’re definitely counting days on when we can finally meet each other and go on our first ‘real’ date… Because I can already feel the spark here!
Published on Nov 29, 2016
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