Save Or Splurge: The Ultimate Guide To A Wedding In YOUR Budget

Save Or Splurge: The Ultimate Guide To A Wedding In YOUR Budget
Wedding planning is not an easy task. One has to decide on the outfits, food, décor, music, gifts and various other things and at the same time stick to a strict budget. Yes, there will be various unexpected expenditures but still, it’s essential to fix a broad budget for this special occasion. Thus, to not be too harsh on your wallet, we have some recommendations on where to save and splurge on your wedding.  

Where to SAVE?

1. ‘Haldi’ and ‘chooda’ outfit and décor

The ‘haldi’ and ‘chooda’ ceremony is a function attended by just the immediate family and close friends. Plus, the haldi outfit would anyways get dirty and you don’t need to go all out with the outfit for your chooda ceremony. For the decor, you could even go DIY! Check out some fab ideas here.

Save 1 save and splurge on your wedding

2. Trousseau sarees

There is usually a fixed number on how many sarees/ suits should be in your trousseau. Honestly, we recommend you to not spend too much on sarees since they might not come in use and might just end up lying in your cupboards. Save on the quantity and instead, buy a few iconic timeless sarees.

3. Footwear

With footwear, comfort always comes first. Choose a pair that looks great but is also of good quality and comfort. But do remember to not go overboard and do not get fascinated by big designer brands. Look for a pair that you’ll be able to reuse and something that you can wear throughout the hour-long ceremonies.

Save 3 save and splurge on your wedding

4. Day vs night decor

A day function is an easy trick to save money since the natural sunlight minimises the use of extra lighting. And trust us, those focus lights and LEDs can cost a bomb!  Also, a brunch or lunch spread costs a lot less than a dinner spread. In case you are having a night function, you could also save on the décor cost by using lots of candles and diyas; they always look beautiful and are pocket-friendly.

5. Have a wise date

Your wedding date matters the most in order to save money. If you plan to get married during the peak wedding months between November and February, you would be paying extra money to all the vendors. To save these costs, either don’t go in for the peak wedding months or try making all your bookings on time.

Save 5 save and splurge on your wedding

6. Cards and gifts

You could save on the cost of courier of cards and gifts by not having a very heavy box. Heavier packaging directly increases the cost of courier. You could even opt for e-invites for your outstation guests and hand over the gifts when they come for your wedding.

7. Entertainment

By entertainment here, we don’t mean the DJ since he/ she is one of the most important people on your cocktail! We mean the exorbitant performers and dancers that we’ve been spotting at weddings. Honestly, all you need are the dholak walas, the DJ and your friends and family to set the mood right!

Save 7 save and splurge on your wedding

8. Tablecloths and napkins

Honestly, nobody would ever remember the colour of the tablecloths and napkins on your wedding. You could ask your decorator to not spend too much time and effort in the linen on your wedding. Just ask them to opt for solid colours and you would see a reduction in the cost of the décor.

Where to SPLURGE?

1. Bridal outfit

There are always mixed views when it comes to the bridal outfit. The debate between spending on it since it’s your wedding day vs you might not ever wear it again. Our take on this is to fix a budget and stick to it. It is okay to splurge on it if you really want to but keep in mind that this might be the only time you ever wear it.

Splurge 1 save and splurge on your wedding

2. Suits for trousseau

Suits would definitely come more in use. Stock up on anarkalis, straight suits and palazzo sets. They would come handy when you have to attend the post-wedding dinners and parties.

3. Jewellery for trousseau

Your wedding jewellery is usually pretty heavy or ancestral sets that you may not wear again. But the jewellery that goes in your trousseau is something you’ll be wearing often. Buy the pretty chandbalis, pearl drop earrings and the kundan rings. Keep it elegant and light so you can wear it while you attend all the dinners and parties.

Splurge 3 save and splurge on your wedding

4. Wedding makeup

Without any doubt, this is one thing you definitely need to make no compromises on. All eyes are on you and there is no way in the world you are going to ruin this day because of bad makeup. Splurge on a good makeup artist who is sure to make you look like a million bucks! You want to feel great every time you look at those pictures!

5. Photography

Your wedding photos are going to last forever. A good photographer would be able to make everything look even more beautiful and fabulous. From the getting-ready pictures to the ceremonies and all those candid moments…you want them all captured beautifully. After all, once the wedding is over, pictures are all you have.

Splurge 5 save and splurge on your wedding

6. Engagement ring

The engagement ring is very special to every girl. You may not wear any other piece of jewellery, but your engagement ring is something you’ll always want to flaunt. So go ahead girl and splurge on this one!  

7. Food

You can never ever go wrong with food. Because no matter how much effort and money you spend on the decor and lighting, it is the food that everyone remembers. Good food and your guests will go back home feeling happy and satisfied! Spend your money on the quality of food rather than focusing on an elaborate spread.

Splurge 7 save and splurge on your wedding

8. Honeymoon

This is the first holiday you both are going to take as husband and wife. And it’s got to be special!  Never feel bad about spending money on this trip as it is going to be one holiday you’ll remember and cherish for life. No compromises on this one!

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