Chin, Tummy, Neck… How To Get Rid Of Hair In Weird Places!

Chin, Tummy, Neck… How To Get Rid Of Hair In Weird Places!
It’s every girl’s dream to have a body free of unwanted hair, with no trace of annoying fuzz whatsoever. Life would be so much easier right? Well in reality, hair can grow in the most strangest places on different parts of your body. So here are 10 ways to reduce hair growth in weird places. From your chin to your butt, here’s how to zap it all!

1. On Your Chin

1 hair growth in weird places

Every woman out there has hair on her chin. The only difference is that some have light, fine hair that isn’t too visible, while others have it dark and thick. If you fall under the latter, it could be due to hormonal imbalances or genetics. Hirsutism could also cause the body to produce excess chin hair. To be sure, have a dermatologist take a look at it.  

Remove It: Avoid waxing or using hair removal creams in this area because it will not just irritate your skin but will also create redness and swelling. You can try tweezing if the growth isn’t too thick and if you have the patience. Otherwise, threading is a safe and quick option. Book an appointment with your salon lady today!

2. On Your Nipples

Hair around the nipples is more common than you think it is. It’s caused when there are fluctuations in hormonal levels during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Consumption of birth control pills too can trigger excess hair production. It can also be caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome. Consult your dermatologist and take medication to treat it accordingly.

Remove It: Since waxing can be too harsh on your delicate skin, and bringing a razor near your nipples is a terrible idea, give tweezing a shot! Laser treatment around the areola is also safe. It will consist of 4-5 treatments that are expensive but it will eliminate nipple hair for good!   

3. Too Long Nose Hair

3 hair growth in weird places

Having nose hair is a common body trait. It’s important because it prevents the pathogens, germs, dust particles and bacteria in the environment from making their way to your respiratory system. If you notice that you have longer nostril hair than most of your friends, it’s mainly because of hormonal imbalance.  

Remove It: Using a nose trimmer is a quick and easy solution to remove long nose hair. If you don’t want to buy a trimmer, using a pair of scissors will do a good job at removing it too!

4. On Your Stomach

It’s fairly common to have excess hair around the navel. This is a problem that loads of Indian girls face and it can also occur after pregnancy. It could get embarrassing especially when you want to wear your favourite saree or bikini. However, there’s always a solution!

Remove It: Since tweezing could take forever and cause your skin discomfort, waxing, bleaching, going under the laser and using hair removal creams are fantastic options as well. We think waxing will be your best bet!

5. On Your Back

5 hair growth in weird places

Too embarrassed to wear your backless dress or blouse because of hair on your back? Well, don’t be! It’s to do with genetics and fluctuations in your hormonal levels. You can either choose to live with it or remove it by trying a hair removal method.  

Remove It: Laser treatment is a long-lasting and effective treatment. If that’s not your cup of tea, maybe waxing is a better option. You can also simply try a hair removal cream at home to remove hair at back.

6. On Your Butt

You’ll be surprised to know that this one too is a common phenomenon. While it maintains body temperature it also prevents foreign particles from entering and irritating skin. After removing the hair on your butt, read about how to make it smooth and bootyful here.

Remove It: Getting rid of hair up your butt is part of Brazilian wax girls, that’s proof enough of how common it is! Waxing is the best way to banish butt hair.  

7. On Your Knuckles

7 hair growth in weird places

Hair on your knuckles and toes can get super annoying. While some women don’t have it, others do. You can blame it on genetics!

Remove It: Waxing, plucking using a tweezer or simply using a hair removal cream will make the skin on your fingers and toes feel smooth and soft.

8. On Your Ears

Fine hair on the outer skin on the rim of your ear can make you feel self conscious of tying a ponytail and exposing that area of skin. But it’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. If you still haven’t come to terms with it, we bet you can experiment with various ways to get rid of it.

Remove It: While tweezing is effective, for some it could be time consuming and painful. Use small scissors to trim it or simply invest in an ear trimmer.

9. On Your Feet

9 hair growth in weird places (1)

We’re talking about the kind of hair which grows on your toes and the top of your feet. Usually some have it light and thin but if yours is dark and thick, you could blame it on genetics or hormonal imbalances.  

Remove It: The best way to get rid of it is with waxing. Your waxing lady waxes your toes and the top of your feet if necessary as part of a leg wax.

10. On Your Neck

If the hair on your neck is thick and dark, it’s again to do with genetics. Don’t be embarrassed, stray, dark hair is easy to tackle.

Remove It: You can either bleach or ask the salon lady to thread the area. You’ll have a smooth and soft neck in no time!

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