How To Make Waxing *Less* Painful - 10 Easy Ways!

How To Make Waxing *Less* Painful - 10 Easy Ways!
If you swear by waxing, we bet you know the struggles that come with it too. However, what if we told you that we know a few ways to make waxing less painful? Here are 10 things EVERY girl should know to make waxing easier. These will make those monthly appointments less stressful.

1. Shower Before You Wax

1 make waxing less painful

Just before you head out to get waxed, have a hot shower first. The warm water will not only soften your skin, but will also open up your pores. It will make your waxing experience less painful and you’ll be done with it much faster as the steam will loosen the hair follicles, making it easier to pull out the hair.

2. Loose-Fitting Clothes To The Rescue!

After the waxing session, your skin is tender, more sensitive and slightly sore. Tight clothes and fabrics can irritate and worsen the condition of your skin, so stick to loose clothes and the kind that allows your skin to breath. Remember, skinny jeans are the worst thing to wear after a wax.

3. Exfoliate All The Way…

3 make waxing less painful

Why exfoliate, you ask? Simply because it removes layers of dead skin cells that conceal and trap hair. Exfoliating in advance will help the hair come off much more easily and will also help loosen ingrowths that are trapped under the skin's surface. This apricot seed powder and pomegranate scrub will leave your skin smelling yum and baby soft.

4. Leave It To The Professionals

Yes ladies, if you haven’t waxed at home before, it’s best to let the professionals take care of it. They will make sure that your waxing experience is painless and will get the job done as quickly as possible. Waxing yourself isn’t the best idea as you can damage or burn your skin and not pull the strip in the right direction.

5. Baby Powder Be The Best

5 make waxing less painful

Did you know that baby powder helps absorb sweat and excess body oil? Well yes, it does! Just before you visit the salon, sprinkle some baby powder generously on the area soon-to-be waxed to help the wax stick better.

6. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Stay away from caffeine and nicotine if you’re about to get waxed. Since they stimulate the nerve endings, your body can get extremely sensitive to the impact of waxing, which basically means more pain. Choose water instead. Hydrate yourself and you’ll feel calm and your skin will feel relaxed.  

7. Skip Fragrant Creams and Lotions

7 make waxing less painful

Skip your yummy-smelling creams and lotions as fragranced ingredients can dry and irritate the skin. The same goes for lotions containing alcohol. Dry, peeling skin will make waxing much more difficult and cause more pain than necessary. It’s important that your skin be well hydrated with a milder lotion in the days leading up to the appointment. But make sure not to apply your cream just before waxing though.

8. Allow Your Hair To Grow

Allow your hair to grow a bit before your next waxing session. Too short and it won’t come out properly, too long and the experience could be more painful. Don’t wax when you hair becomes prickly, it will cause you discomfort while waxing. The key is to allow your hair to grow the optimum length where the waxing strip can get a good grip over it.

9. Distraction Is The Key

9 make waxing less painful

The worst thing you could do to yourself is to obsess about the pain just when you’re about to get waxed or during the wax. Try distracting yourself by checking your phone, reading a book or magazine, listening to music or just concentrating on your breathing. Think positive and simply try striking up a conversation with the salon lady.

10. Be Consistent...

The more often you wax, the easier and less painful it will be. Four to six weeks is a good time gap to keep between waxing sessions. Also, it’s true that waxing in the long-term does reduce hair growth, which will help reduce the pain. Be regular and block your dates in advance. Good luck!

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