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How To Feel More Confident About Being Naked In Front Of Him

How To Feel More Confident About Being Naked In Front Of Him

We all have our own set of insecurities about being intimate with a guy for the first time. What we don't factor in while thinking about sex is that we would also need to get naked for it. Some women find it easy and very natural... And some of us don't really feel all that confident when in that position. If you belong to the latter category, here's are a few things that could make you feel more confident naked!

1. Look at yourself naked in the mirror

The natural first step is to feel more comfortable with your own naked body. Over time, as you head for a shower or are getting dressed, spend a few moments just looking yourself over in the mirror. How you look from different angles, with your hair up and down... Discover which parts of your naked body you feel most confident and comfortable about, and slowly work on making that list longer.

2. Look at other women naked!

Not the top ranked adult models, but more amateur real women. There are many art and European movies that feature full nudity and they really give you a sense of how every woman's body is different and beautiful in its own way.

3. Get a blow-dry

Don't underestimate the power of a blow-dry, ladies! On the worst of days, it's the one thing that can turn your whole outlook around. When you're naked, there's very little else left to compliment you. You hair is a natural way to make yourself feel more beautiful and, in turn, look more beautiful! 3 more confident naked

4. Touch yourself

Touching your naked body and getting to know it better intimately is an amazing confidence booster. It doesn't only give you pleasure but also makes you feel more in love and in tune with your body.

5. Invest in flattering lingerie

It doesn't have to be all lace and strings, no! All you need is some good quality lingerie that makes you feel comfortable yet sexy - you'll be ready to take on the world with that!

6. Take better care of your body

If your worries about being naked are more specific in terms of ingrown hair, or dry skin - the answer is quite easy. Fix the problem! Pampering your skin with scrubs and lotions can you feel wonderful about your body - and smell great too! 6 more confident naked

7. All about posture

This is one simple way to make a huge difference. We keep telling you about maintaining better posture for interviews, to meet guys, for health… But there is another benefit, ladies. It makes you look a hell of a lot more sexy naked! So chin up, chest out, back straight - you'll blow his mind!

8. Channel your favourite bad bitch

When you can't find the confidence hidden inside of you, find it in your idol! Every girl has that one celeb in mind who she believe can flawlessly handle any situations - be it Beyonce or Rihanna. So put on your big girl pants, think of what your idol would do, and carry on!!

9. Set the mood

Setting the mood of the room can actually offer up some comfort when it comes to being completely exposed. Yellow lights any day over white lights, ladies. Candles? If you're sure you won't start a fire (of the wrong kind), then hell, yes! Mood lighting will flatter your curves and make you look your best.
9 more confident naked

10. Don't be your own worst critic

We can find fault in our bodies all day long. It's easy. I, personally, have more moles than I can count, in places I don't even want to name. But you know who cares about them? JUST me. No guy worth your time will notice your teeny tiny flaws. So forget about those stretch marks and cellulite and get into the moment - you're beautiful, just the way you are!

11. Smile!

When all else fails, put a huge smile on your face. Not a fake one, not a nervous one, just a smile - an honest smile. That’s what will help put you at ease and also divert your guy's attention to your beautiful smile… And things will carry on smoothly from there. Images: Tumblr, Shutterstock
Published on Nov 19, 2016
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