How We Used Old Diwali Lights To Give Our Bedrooms A Makeover!

How We Used Old Diwali Lights To Give Our Bedrooms A Makeover!

For us girls, our bedroom is like our own cozy little cove. It is our hideout, our self-counselling room, our dance stage and so much more! Which is why we like to keep it pretty and cute and what better way to do that, than to use fairy lights?! We are sure you have loads of them lying around after all the Diwali festivities are done anyway. So just to give you a few ideas, we share with you how team POPxo used their Diwali lights and decorated their rooms with them!

1. Light Up The Bottle!

1 fairy lights This one’s so easy and oh-so-beautiful! All you have to do is take a glass bottle and fill it with fairy lights… Tada, you’re done! Switch it on and see the magic. Social Media Coordinator Ankita Maheshwari tried this and it looks awesome! Along with the bottle, she also used some cute minions to brighten up her space!

2. Flowers And Fairy Lights Never Go Wrong!

2 fairy lights You can convert your small and simple flower pot into something fabulous and sparkly. Senior Wedding Writer Manasvi Jaitly did just that. She decked up the blooms on her side table with scattered fairy lights. You can use any flowers to make this stunning piece. Just like Manasvi, you can also put small jars or fancy electric candles beside the flowers!

3. Do Up Your Bed!

3 fairy lights Night lamps are so passe! Take a cue from Senior Editor and Writer Sakshi Budhraja and give your bed a warm halo with a string of fairy lights! You can outline the back of your bed with fairy lights or simply intertwine them with the back of your bed like Sakshi has done. It serves as a pretty night lamp and adds some charm to your room in a jiffy! Try using the flowery kind of fairy lights for an even more mesmerizing effect.

4. Memories On A String

4 fairy lights Editorial Coordinator Sonali Pawar thought of this really cute idea - to hang photos on her wall without using a frame. This one’s very easy and not too time consuming either. All you need is a couple of strings of fairy lights, a few of your favourite photographs and paper clips. You can use multiple strings in multiple colours if you like. Looks super cute, doesn’t it?

5. Hanging Out In A Basket!

5 fairy lights You can do this one with a basket, and then use a rope or a chain to suspend it from the roof, or you can also use hanging planters in place of baskets. Social Media Coordinator Ankita Maheshwari saw something similar at a restaurant and got inspired to make something like this of her own, and so she did! All you have to do is bundle up the fairy lights in a planter/ basket and you’re done! Gorgeous and simple! 

6. The Delightful Cage!

6 fairy lights Bird cages are so in right now! They are cute and not too big, and hence the perfect decor piece for your room. But Trending Writer Shivani Shrivastava decided to glam up the simple cage by adorning it with beautiful fairy lights. You can also try doing the same thing with wind chimes, if you have them in your room. What a pretty lil’ cage!

7. Deck Up The Desk!

7 fairy lights Who said your desk has to be boring? Lifestyle Writer Isheeta Sharma absolutely does not agree. She used a simple string of fairy lights and outlined her bulletin board with it. She let the string fall on her desk and the effect is so beautiful. You can also use fairy lights enclosed in baubles to try this idea. Such a simple thing, but looks stunning!

8. Glitterati In A Jar!

8 fairy lights Who thought a cookie jar could look so wonderful! Lifestyle and Beauty Writer Sharon Alphonso used fairy lights, some glitter and a few star stick-ons to make this beautiful little jar! You can use any glass jar lying around in your house and do something similar. The more lights you use, the more beautiful it will look!

9. Mirror Mirror On The Wall

9 fairy lights ‘I don’t need a mirror in my room’, said no girl ever! I may not have the most gorgeous room but I do have an awesome full-length mirror. I decided to give my mirror a makeover with a simple string of fairy lights around it! You can use multiple strings of different colours to outline your mirror all around or go for ones with slightly bigger and fancier bulbs too!

10. Dress Up Your Door!

10 fairy lights1 So, this one’s straight from our office. Our office door is outlined with a single string of lights. It is simple but looks gorgeous during the evening! Look how pretty! You can try doing the same thing on the door of your room, or your bathroom/ balcony door. You can also use fancier fairy lights to do this for added effect! Featured Image: Shutterstock