11 Scientifically Proven Hacks To Bring You Closer To *Him*

11 Scientifically Proven Hacks To Bring You Closer To *Him*
Wondering how to build intimacy with him? To make your relationship grow stronger? Don’t worry, we are not here to preach you about all the things you can do but actually help you out! Here are 11 science approved hacks that will bring you closer to him.

1. Never stop complimenting

Never refrain from complimenting each other. It will make both of you feel glad about having each other in your life. So whenever and wherever you can, show them how beautiful they are through words or actions!

2. Give ‘ecotherapy’ a chance

Make sure you step out of your house and spend some time in nature. Research shows that both the mind and the heart feel better when the human body is in its natural habitat. So the next time you have some free time, skip the mall and hit a beach or a park instead and let the sunshine bring some happiness!

2 how to build intimacy

3. Cook with each other

Cooking together, whether it’s a pack of Maggi or pizza from the scratch, along with performing other household chores together, helps two people bond. You learn to work as a team, which is very important if you are looking at a future together.

4. Spend some time alone

You have to take some time out in every relationship to be alone. It would benefit neither of you if you stick around each other way too much. Separation is necessary for the heart to miss what it really wants.

4 how to build intimacy

5. Read the same book

Reading the same book will help you two build a common ground for intellectual discussion. You will understand how your points of view differ or are similar about the same situation. Intellectual stimulation is as necessary as physical stimulation in a relationship.

6. Say yes to making out

Don’t forget to kiss all the time, no matter how long you have been in a relationship. Sheril Kirshenbaum’s book The Science of Kissing: What Our Lips Are Telling Us talks about how sensitive our body is to a simple kiss. Hence, don’t underestimate its power and kiss on!

6 how to build intimacy

7. Cuddling is important

Did you know that cuddling for just 15 minutes in a day fills your body with positive vibes and oxytocin, according to a study? Cuddling with your partner helps you trust him more - and what is more important in a relationship than trust, right?

8. Work out together!

You wouldn’t believe this, but studies show that working out together will actually help you grow as a couple. It makes you happy, increases your efficiency and increases your emotional bond as well! Also imagine all what great foreplay working out together would be!

8 how to build intimacy

9. Write to each other

A Kent State University study proves that handwritten letters give more happiness and satisfaction to the reader. Isn’t that something you’d like your partner to feel? Send him letters or just leave him little notes when you meet!

10. Laugh together…

...especially about all your embarrassing moments. There is no need to hide that one time when you slipped in office. In fact, you should share the embarrassment and joy of it all. It will help you achieve a level of comfort with your partner, so you won’t feel so vulnerable anymore.

10 how to build intimacy

11. Put away your phone on date nights

A recent study proved that using mobile phones or any kind of communication technology can actually hamper your relationships. While we can’t avoid using cell phones on a daily basis, we can put them away for a few hours and give each other some much needed technology free time.

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