11 Ways To Be Productive & Still Enjoy The Last Year Of College

11 Ways To Be Productive & Still Enjoy The Last Year Of College
Your last year of college is a rollercoaster, typically made of bittersweet memories. While there is added stress to perform and do well, you also feel like just chilling out with your squad because these days will never return. We completely understand that feeling and that’s why we’ve drawn up a list of pointers that might help you. Just follow along to boost productivity and still have a super awesome and memorable last year of college.

1. Lists make it easier

We feel that every time our schedule gets overwhelming, making a to-do list really helps. Not only does it help you write down all the tasks at hand, but it also helps in feeling satisfied after achieving them.

2. Get enough sleep

No human can function effectively without a proper dose of sleep. So instead of avoiding it and assuming you don’t need rest, just accept that you do and work out a sleep schedule that works for you. This will in turn make you more energetic to achieve all that you need to during the day.

2 boost productivity

3. Introduce discipline in your routine

Typically, the last year of college includes a lot more study-time than the other years. This means you might feel bogged down by coursework and exam prep. The only way to counter this is discipline. Just figure out a schedule that works for you. If you are the most productive in the morning, then get up and get an hour of studying in before you begin your day. This will also free up your evenings to chill out with your friends.

4. Get some exercise in

Even though it seems like you hardly have any time for yourself, you need to be taking care of your own body too. You know those long calls with your boyfriend or bestie? Yeah, do them while walking around your building compound. Find a way to make yourself less sluggish and see how your productivity soars.

4 boost productivity

5. Reduce the use of social media

Ugh! We know, we know – you definitely don’t want to be told this. But the keyword here is ‘reduce’ and not cut out. If you have a habit of checking your Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook news feed at regular intervals, you probably don’t realize just how much time of yours they actually take up. You need to understand that this is precious time that you aren’t getting back!

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6. Do as much as you can

Since you’re in your last year of college, there are a lot of opportunities you should and must milk at this stage. Take part in extracurricular activities. Try things you’ve never tried before. Leave college without having absolutely any regrets.

6 boost productivity

7. Keep track of time

Often, having so many things to do in a day can seem terribly overwhelming. If we don’t have an exact plan for the day, the hours can just fly by. Keep track of time, don’t endlessly study, sleep, or chill. Everything will have to be done in moderation and that’s how you’ll make maximum use of your time.

8. Control the daydreaming

We know how tempting it is to sit in class or at your study table and just daydream to glory. Unfortunately, we have bad news for you – daydreaming doesn’t make your actual dreams come true. We can understand the urge to think of the future and how life will pan it, but it’s best to take each day as it comes.

8 boost productivity

9. Push yourself

Sure, there are days when all of us feel like just giving up. You’re allowed to have off days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all. But don’t make it a habit. If you don’t ‘feel like studying’ just cheat your mind into doing a little bit of it. Once you are sitting on your table and are in the zone, you will automatically feel motivated to study. The question is just that of getting into the zone.

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10. Reward yourself

Even though there may still be time till you can totally and completely chill out and enjoy life, you could in the meantime reward yourself for all that hard work by doing something you like right now. For example, one hour of studying merits one YouTube video. Or an afternoon of studying merits a drive and ice cream after. Trust us, this system of rewarding yourself really works. You will automatically want to work hard because you will know what’s coming next. Well yes, we are quite the sly geniuses!

10 boost productivity

11. Don’t get stressed

We know this is *much* easier said than done, but it’s super important that you don’t get over-stressed. That’ll only lead to a break down which you don’t need. Treat yourself from time to time with green tea, instrumental music, aroma candles or anything else that soothes you instantly.

You are a Girl Boss in the making, just know that and be ready to conquer anything that comes your way. This is just the beginning, after all. You have a long, LONG way to go! All the best!

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