How To Become A Really Good Kisser - 10 Easy Tips!

How To Become A Really Good Kisser - 10 Easy Tips!
A great kiss can be a precursor to even naughtier things, and there is absolutely no doubting that. While there is no dearth of kissing tips on the internet, here are a few tried and tested pointers on how to be a good kisser. Go and be his best kiss ever! *Wink*

1. Make your lips kiss ready

The difference between a good kiss and a great kiss may just be how your lips feel against his. Pamper them a little… Moisturize and flavour them up with a lip balm. He won't be able to get enough of you!

1 how to be a good kisser

2. Get minty!

Pop a mint if you are anticipating a kissing sesh! It makes you taste fresh and feel more confident. And that’s just gonna make you all the more irresistible!

3. Take it nice and slow…and then let the fire grow

The secret is to start mellow and then gradually up the intensity. Keep moderating the pressure and pace to keep him on the edge and wanting more!

3 how to be a good kisser

4. Use your hands well

No, it’s not just about what your lips do. Your hands can make a world of difference. Run your fingers through his hair, and stroke the back of his neck. You won’t believe how much this can change the game.

5. Get really close

Lean in and gently press your body against his as you play with his lips. There is something super hot about being able to feel your partner’s breath on you... You will get all kinds of feels, and no, not just on the lips!

5 how to be a good kisser

6. Use your tongue wisely

Go gentle with the tongue. Too much of it may ruin your kiss. So wait till things start to heat up and then gently let your tongue slip. Caress his lips, his mouth and his tongue with yours. Don’t go too fast or too far too soon. Baby steps!

7. Tease a little, and a little more…

Don’t break into the most intense kiss right away. Tease him a little. Playfully pull away once or twice to build up some tension and steam things up. Play around with the lever of pressure to increase pleasure!

7 how to be a good kisser

8. Take little breaks to steal a glance

Being a great kisser does not mean that you need to keep going at it without stopping. In fact taking little breaks can spice it up as it allows you to hold his gaze for a few seconds and give him a smouldering look that will leave him craving for more!

9. Venture outside the zone and keep things interesting

Kiss his neck, his jawline, bite his earlobe and then turn your attention back to his lips. You will be surprised by how exciting this can be for both of you!

9 how to be a good kisser

10. Don’t be afraid to make some sounds

Let little moans of pleasure escape your lips as you kiss him. They let him know how much you are enjoying it and are into it. It can be such a turn on for the both of you! Go on, try it.

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