11 Ways Sex Kinda Gives You A Personality Makeover!

11 Ways Sex Kinda Gives You A Personality Makeover!
‘Having sex changes you’, is something we’ve all heard at some point or the other and we cannot deny it. Yes, it changes you both emotionally and physically and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Here are 11 ways in which sex gives you a personality makeover...and it’s not all that bad!

1. You feel sexier

Oh, yes. Your body turns into this wonderland you never knew existed! Suddenly, you start seeing yourself from a new and sexy angle and it is absolutely awesome!

1 how sex changes you

2. And more confident

What do all awesome people have in common? Confidence! Though sex is not the only thing that makes you confident, it definitely adds to it, making you feel all powerful and in control!

3. You care more about staying fit

Now that you know you are not the only one who will be seeing you naked, you start caring more about being physically fit. You cut down on your junk eating and start running or exercising just to keep yourself looking stunning!

3 how sex changes you

4. You don’t get grossed out when your friends discuss sex

It’s really not that activity brought out from hell itself anymore, is it?

5. In fact, you actively take part in the convo

And you enjoy it! It is fun to talk about your experience and the experiences of people around you. More than just fun, it is also enlightening. You will be surprised by how many new things you get to know from what your friends might be doing with their partners!

5 how sex changes you

6. And give advice to all those in need

Also, since you are experienced and all now, your friends actually come to you for advice and doesn’t that make you feel special? When they actually start looking up to you when it comes to all things sexual!

7. Happy-go-lucky is your new mantra in life!

It is a proven fact that good sex makes you happy… And if your undying smile is a sign, then boy, do you have a great sex life!

7 how sex changes you

8. You think about sex...often

Well, obviously. Once you have tasted the good stuff (pun not intended), you can’t really stop thinking about when you will be getting it next! Also, now you think more about what you can, cannot or would like to do in bed.

9. You have more secrets to keep!

Sadly, yes. As much as you’d like to talk about your sex life, there are a few things that would have to remain a secret between just you and your partner and well...we all hate keeping secrets. Especially when they are as juicy as these, right?!

9 how sex changes you

10. You keep a track of your periods

You might suck at math but you are quick on your fingers when it comes to tracking your periods even though you, obviously, use protection. It’s like, basically, your favourite pastime. (Not!)

11. And freak out when they are not on time!

It becomes more like a bad habit. Every time your period is even a day late, you have this tiny little panic attack. Don’t worry, it happens to all of us! With good reason though!

11 how sex changes you

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