10 Ways Your Life Totally Changes When You Get A Job!

10 Ways Your Life Totally Changes When You Get A Job!

When the college dream ends and the dream job starts, life changes big time! Oh no, don’t worry! This isn’t a bad change, girls! Think of it as a new cocktail with really funky flavours. An acquired taste, you may call it. Here’s how your life changes when you get a job!

1. Life seems to sprint like Usain Bolt!

There is suddenly SO much to do and SO little time! 24 hours don’t seem like enough time to get anything done! 1 life changes when you get a job

2. All the bank talk that seemed like gibberish starts to make sense...

Or you, at least, try to make some sense of it. The recurring deposits, tax saving fixed deposits, provident fund, yada yada yada!

3. You feel all grown up, responsible and independent.

Like really. You will finally start feeling like an adult, after you start earning money if you weren't already feeling like that. Paying your own bills and buying your own stuff does make you grow a few inches (metaphorically), right? 3 life changes when you get a job

4. You suddenly know what exactly aloo, pyaaz and tamaatar are priced at!

Now you know why your mom’s sabzi mandi trips are a necessity. Also read: Life Isn’t Going As ‘Planned’? 10 Reasons To NOT Worry!

5. Weekends suddenly seem like THE BEST thing in life!

You feel eternally indebted to Saturday and Sunday who grace you with their presence every week. And you kind of wish they would come more often! 5 life changes when you get a job

6. But then you have wash-the-clothes weekends, go-grocery-shopping weekends...

...And call-the-plumber weekends, cleaning-the-cupboard weekends and the like. By the time you are done, it's almost Monday morning already!

7. Your wardrobe undergoes a makeover!

Formals, formals and some more formals. An imaginary line in your head divides your wardrobe into “office wear” and “chilling wear” clothes. 7 life changes when you get a job

8. You finally understand what this “work-life balance” thing people keep talking about is.

And you wish you didn't because this healthy work-life balance is actually quite tough to maintain.

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9. You learn the ‘deal’ and you learn to ‘deal’!

You meet all kinds of people at work and let’s just say you aren't particularly fond of a lot of them. But you know the deal, work comes first in a professional setup. You need to deal with people and situations to get your job done! 9 life changes when you get a job

10. THIS is as real as it gets and you are doing a pretty good job!

In college you were probably scared how you will deal with the REAL world. Once you start working the real world is virtually staring you in your face. If you can deal with this then there’s no reason to doubt yourself ever again! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr