how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

What’s *Your* Dream Kiss Like? Your Zodiac Reveals...

Isheeta Sharma

Junior Lifestyle Editor

Kissing is an art. Every human being craves for different kissing styles and techniques. We have our own preferences and desires. However, did you know that the mystical movement of your stars can actually help you find out what kind of kiss your body desires? Here is how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed!

1. Aries

Aries like their kisses to be varied. They do not like a boring session of just lip-on-lip action. Instead, give them playful pecks along with some deep kisses on their mouth, neck, ear, etc and they will absolutely love it!

1 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

2. Taurus

Taureans like all their senses to be stimulated when getting kissed. Their partner should make sure they are touching them, kissing them, giving them a compliment now and again to truly get them into the moment.

2 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

3. Gemini

Geminis love passion in everything, including their kisses! In fact, they wouldn’t even notice if you are doing something wrong as long as you are really passionate about it. Pull them closer, show them that you really need them and they will be instantly swept up in the moment.

3 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

4. Cancer

Cancerians like their kisses to be romantic. Not just the kiss but also the environment in which they are being kissed. They like to be alone, with some music and good lighting and really concentrate on themselves and their partner while kissing.

4 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

5. Leo

Leos love being kissed but they love it even more if it is followed by a compliment. In order for them to believe it was a great kiss, they need to be told that it was an amazing kiss. It doesn't even have to put into words - just the body language or the sounds made by their partners are enough to clue them in!

5 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

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6. Virgo

What a Virgo truly wants from a kiss is effort. They want to see whether their partner cares enough to give it their all. So while you have to show amazing technical skill while kissing a Virgo, you also need to be a little experimental and take that extra step.

6 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

7. Libra

Librans are romantic beings, so when it comes to kisses, they try to figure out the feeling of the person by the kind of kiss they get. In order to really make a Libran believe you like them, the kiss has to be sweet and passionate. Caress them while you are kissing them, use your hands… They enjoy being shown that they are wanted.

7 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

8. Scorpio

Scorpions love to take the lead when it comes to kissing. They like it passionate and fiery. For scorpions, it is about having fun in the moment. They don’t think about what the next moment will hold and their partner needs to be equally carefree for them to truly enjoy the experience.

8 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

9. Sagittarius

Sagittarians like to keep the mood light and cheerful. They love to crack jokes while kissing, laugh, explore their partner’s bodies and they prefer it if they get all of this in return. They definitely enjoy new things more and love to experiment.

9 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

10. Capricorn

For a Capricorn, a good kiss should be something out of a romantic comedy. They don’t like it too messy. It should be soft, sweet, with the perfect romantic setting, something they can reminiscence about later on. Unless it's in the rain, a Bollywood style kiss would sweep them off their feet!

10 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

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11. Aquarius

Aquarians focus on the physical desire of a kiss. They put their emotions aside when it comes to kissing and put all their attention to the primal desire of two bodies building up sexual tension and a physical connection.

11 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

12. Pisces

Pisceans like the lead up to the kiss more than the kiss itself. For them, everything that happens before ‘the’ moment determines how great the moment is. They like it sensual with slow movements in the right mood, the right place and of course, with the right person.

12 how each zodiac sign wants to be kissed

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Published on Nov 02, 2016
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