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#BeautyDiaries: How I Turned My Frizzy Hair Into Perfect Curls!

#BeautyDiaries: How I Turned My Frizzy Hair Into Perfect Curls!

My hair has always been an attention-grabbing part of my personality. Since my childhood days, I’ve constantly been asked if my locks are naturally curly or if I’ve gotten them curled. In fact, people often refer to me as “...that girl with curly hair,” if they didn’t know my name. As if that wasn’t frustrating enough, my friends named me ‘Maggi’ and people literally addressed me with the same name with such conviction that it was hard to tell that it was NOT my real name! I just wanted to know how to get rid of frizzy hair. While my curls have always gotten lots of attention, they have never been very soft. My hair had a decent texture, but has always been on the drier side. But things got even worse when I moved to Delhi for my higher studies. The water didn’t suit me and my hair ended up looking dry, rough and lifeless. The constant frizziness bugged me to an extent where I was forced to consider a home remedy to tame my dull hair, which for a ‘who cares’ sorta person like me was a drastic step. Well, taking this step clearly explained the severity of my hair situation.  I just needed to fix my curly hair at home. My grandmother always advised me to use curd on my hair to tackle my curls at home. I tried it once, but it made my mane really oily and smell like... Umm... rotting curd! So, I had the great idea of ditching it for a lighter, less smelly alternative - buttermilk. 
home remedy for soft hair Buttermilk is one of my most loved curly hair products and the most easily available ones, so finding a packet in my fridge was not at all difficult. I took out the packet and kept it outside to let it come down to room temperature. Once it got a little warm, I poured it into a big bowl and began applying it, starting from the roots and moving towards the ends. Once I was done, I tied my hair in a bun and let it dry for an hour.  By the end of the procedure, I was a total mess. With buttermilk dripping down my hair, my clothes were completely drenched. I was only too happy to wash it all out. I used a mild shampoo till I felt clean enough. No need for conditioner when trying this as it can weigh down your curls.  Believe it or not, but my hair felt softer, looked shiny and my curls weren’t frizzy at all. It became one of those curly hair products that made my hair a lot more manageable. If I were allowed to keep my modesty aside, I would say, I just couldn’t take my hands off my hair! This simple remedy worked wonders for me on the first try itself and I would recommend it to everybody.  Just keep a couple of tips in mind:  a) It’s going to get messy, so wear something old that you don’t mind spoiling. b) Avoid washing your hair with shampoo, just rinse out the buttermilk with water and use shampoo the next day. I’ve realised that this gives better results and allows the locks to absorb the moisture better.  So ladies, do try this very simple home remedy for soft hair. I’m sure it will work wonders for your hair too.
Published on Nov 19, 2016
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