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12 Hair Colour Ideas That Are Just TOO Gorgeous To Ignore!

Sanya Jain

Guest Contributor

If you’re planning to get your hair coloured, bookmark this story! We have for you 13 stunning pictures of coloured hairstyles that will give you all the hair colour inspiration you need! Whether you want to keep it simple and subtle or go OTT, we have all the hair colour ideas you need...

1. My Name Is Red

1 hair colour inspiration

Image: pravanaindonesia on Instagram

This is perhaps the most striking yet subtly glamorous red hair look that we have seen. If you want to get a full head of colour and are worried about honey and blonde washing your skin tone out, maybe go for a warm red like this.

2. Mermaid On Land

2 hair colour inspiration

Image: pravanaindonesia on Instagram

Deep blue and green highlights to channel your inner mermaid. This looks so stunning on dark hair, we don’t even have words to describe it!

3. Honey Honey How You Thrill Me

3. hair colour inspiration

Image: makeupandhairbybushramadhiya

Move over highlights. This balayage on super long locks is giving us major inspiration. It’s a perfect example of how you don’t need to go in for something bold to make a stunning statement!

4. Rainbows And Unicorn

hair colour inspiration

Image: maddiemarissaoninstagram

If you're looking for a bold and fabulous makeover, then it's time to befriend the super cool rainbow hair trend. It definitely will bring oodles of magic to your mane. Get ready to be the centre of attention everywhere you go!

5. The Colour Purple

5 hair colour inspiration

Image: butterflyloftsalon on Instagram

Purple is traditionally the colour of royalty, and looking at this picture, we can tell why! Those purple-tinted locks look fabulous!!

6. Grey Mornings

6 hair colour inspiration

Image: josievilay on Instagram

This universal slate grey with a slight lift at the end makes for such a lovely look! We can’t stop staring.

7. Pretty Balayage

7 hair colour inspiration

Image: hairshaftsalonfortbgc on Instagram

This gorgeous balayage is 100% hair goals! We love this sun kissed hair look, and we’re sure you do too!

8. Auburn Magic

8 hair colour inspiration

Image: butterflyloftsalon on Instagram

Auburn is a colour that complements Indian complexions like no other! We love the rich combination of auburn with mahogany here.

9. Caramel Coffee

9 hair colour inspiration

Image: butterflyloftsalon on Instagram

The warm tones and the choppy hairstyle make this look a winner. Everyone with short hair should try it out!

10. Melting Brown

11 hair colour inspiration

Image: bbluntindia on Instagram

This is such a pretty balayage we are crushing over. Do try it out - it’ll look amazing on all brunettes! We love how the different shades of brown melt into each other!

11. Paint The Town Red

12 hair colour inspiration

Image: bbluntindia on Instagram

We love bright red tips on black hair, and this hair colour style is perfect for people with short hair too!

12. Awesome Ombre

13 hair colour inspiration

Image: mastersofbalayage on Instagram

A good ombre can take your hair game up one hundred notches! We love love love this one. The smooth transition from brunette to blonde is hair goals!

Featured Image: Shutterstock
Published on Nov 08, 2016
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