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25 Tiny Habits You Need To Break Before You Turn 25!

25 Tiny Habits You Need To Break Before You Turn 25!

Yes, turning twenty five is a great feeling and we know you’re super excited to celebrate this milestone with your friends and family. But in order to be that perfect 25 year old girl who’s cool, charming, sexy yet responsible, you must stop doing some things first. Here are 25 habits to break before turning 25 - every girl must remember these!

1. Being careless

Hey! We’re turning twenty five, it’s important for us to be more careful. About our belongings, our prized possessions and things that are closest to our hearts.

2. Being unnecessarily apologetic

Yes, being sorry when wrong is the right thing to do. But we don’t have to be sorry for the mistakes we didn’t make. Just communicate this to the person who expects that apology from you all the time. 2 habits to break before turning 25

3. Being addicted to social media

Oh, c’mon now! We can totally reduce the time we spend on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and the thousand other apps that we surf all day, everyday. And utilize that time better and expand our knowledge. Books, movies, music… There’s lots to learn!

4. Being too drunk to know our surroundings

Nope, we’re not not going to enjoy those Saturday nights. But just enjoy them more responsibly. Let’s not be so sloshed that we end up waking up at a place we don’t know, amidst people we don’t know! It isn't safe and by now we know better. 4 habits to break before turning 25

5. Being closed to new ideas

We will meet new people with different views, opinions and beliefs. Some ideas may be radically different from what we have, or have been brought up hearing. But part of being an adult is also to embrace differing views. Let’s take the good ones and leave the rest.

6. Being late

We’re grown ladies and the importance of time is something we’ve learnt by now. Being on time is a wonderful thing, so if you’re a late comer, change that habit immediately. Trust us, it’ll help you go a long long way!
6 habits to break before turning 25

7. Being unaware of what’s happening around us

A big part of turning 25 is about doing stuff we never did - like reading the newspapers or following the news regularly. At this age, we should be able to have a decent conversation about what’s happening in the country.

8. Being too judgemental

We all judge, and there’s no way around that. It’s human nature. But we shouldn’t be overtly judgemental and shouldn’t look down on people to feel better about ourselves. It is never going to help us grow! 8 habits to break before turning 25

9. Being a spendthrift

Yes, we’ve all wanted that luxury bag and wanted to shop till we drop at the mall with shopping bags falling off our hands. But, trust us when we say this, money looks better in the bank than on your feet. So let’s try and not spend too much money on things we want and start saving up for things we need or will need.

10. Being unfit and lazy

Taking out time for exercise is important for our health. And as we grow older, our immunity reduces and so does our metabolism. It’s essential to stay active, fit and exercise regularly to maintain our physical and mental well being. 10 habits to break before turning 25

11. Being inexpressive

Seriously, this is the last thing we want. One must know how to clearly communicate their feelings and express them properly. No, we don’t mean you have to be mushy or lovey-dovey, but it’s better to say what you truly mean - good or bad, than to suppress the feelings inside of you.

12. Being a gossip queen

Yes, we all love gossiping about people endlessly because it’s so easy! But by this age, we must also be sensitive to what people tell us, and not pass on information that’s been given to us in confidence. We must respect people, their lives and the secrets they tell us. 12 habits to break before turning 25(1)

13. Being confused about what we want from love

Being confused about what we want from love isn’t cool anymore, ladies. If you’re not in for a long term relationship, don’t go down that road and if you’re only looking for a committed relationship, try not hooking up and hurting yourself. Let’s try to figure out what we really want now?

14. Being oblivious to the consequences of sex

No one has the right to judge us for having sex before marriage, or even with multiple partners. But knowing the consequences of our actions is still important. We need to be responsible while having sex - be it getting regularly tested, using protection or being aware of sexually transmitted diseases. 14 habits to break before turning 25

15. Being overly critical about oneself

Nope, we don’t need to feel bad about not being able to reach that unreasonable milestone we had set or for not ticking off things from that checklist we’d made for ‘things to do before turning 25’. Let’s not get demotivated with such things. We’ll achieve everything and it doesn’t matter if it is a little later than when we expected it to happen!

16. Being overdramatic

We don’t need to make an issue out of every small fight, or what the boss said in passing. Keep things simple and let’s not blow up situations and make a bigger deal out of things unnecessarily. 16 habits to break before turning 25

17. Being in the sidelines

No room for mediocrity, ladies! We’ve just turned 25, it’s time to be the hero of our own story and make the most of life. Find out what you’re good at and pursue it with all your heart and soul. Do it till you reach the level of satisfaction you had dreamt of!

18. Being the one who cancels all plans

Nope, we don’t want to be this person. As we grow older, our friend circle anyway becomes smaller and smaller. If we become one of those girls who keep cancelling plans all the time, it'll be hard to hold on to the friends we could've always counted on. 18 habits to break before turning 25

19. Being forgetful

Yes, Facebook will send us birthday reminders. But small things like anniversaries, wishing luck to our besties on the first day of her new job, getting our boyfriends the chocolate he’s been wanting to have...little things. Remember the small things, they go a long way in cementing a relationship!

20. Being a procrastinator

If you’re a go-getter and want your life to pan out the way you’ve dreamed it, there’s no room for procrastination. Because the dreams are free, but the hustle is sold separately. Never be afraid to work hard, ladies!
20 habits to break before turning 25

21. Being horrible at taking care of yourself

Learning a little cooking, washing and other household skills will do us more good than harm. It will help take better care of ourselves on a regular basis and especially on the days we fall sick. Eating take-out every second day isn’t the best idea for the pocket and health, anyway!

22. Being a worry to our parents

Drunk dancing and partying when the parents are worried and calling every hour? No! Inform them beforehand, stay over at a friend's place, or come back by the time promised. Parents worry a lot more than we imagine, or we can ever imagine! 22 habits to break before turning 25

23. Being unconcerned about others’ feelings

As we grow older, our lives get busier and more complicated. Relationships go sour too fast, and all this happens because of miscommunication. Do not take anyone for granted or be cold towards their feelings. Even if it is the bestie - if she expresses a problem, address it and don’t really negate it.

24. Being thankless

A big part of adulting is to be grateful for what we have. It will make you a much better person, so thank the people who matter to you, thank God or whoever you believe in for being where you are today. And always respect, remember and appreciate those who have done favours for you.
24 habits to break before turning 25

25. Being what others want you to be

Having your own individuality is extremely important. Don’t shy away from being different. Don’t stop yourself from being who you want to be because, ‘log kya kahenge?’ Just get out there, girl and be the best version of yourself! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Nov 13, 2016
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