Dear Ex, All These Memes Are Made Just For YOU!

Dear Ex, All These Memes Are Made Just For YOU!
Tons of funny ‘All These’ memes have been doing the rounds on the internet lately so how could Team POPxo be far behind? We decided to embrace the feeling of being single in the best way possible - by creating Snapchat memes! Check out our 17 awesome creations dedicated to *that* ex and all those moments when he could’ve done so much and yet...

1. When he decided to be a ‘player’ in the wrong kind of games!

1 funny all these memes

2. When he never said the one word we truly wanted to hear!

2 funny all these memes

3. When he cut off all the wrong things in life!

3 funny all these memes

4. When ‘gotta catch ‘em all’ was his motto in life… AND love.

4 funny all these memes

5. When he broke promises along with our hearts!

5 funny all these memes

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6. When he sidelined our love!

6 funny all these memes

7. When there was tons of noodles but no MSG-ing!

7 funny all these memes

8. When the knife was struck at the wrong place!

8 funny all these meme

9. When he made us go - Et tu, Ex?

9 funny all these meme

10. When his favourite art was breaking hearts!

10 funny all these meme

11. When there was a will but no way... *Sigh*

11 funny all these meme

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12. When ‘To Click Or Not To Click’ was his major dilemma!

12 funny all these meme

13. When the connection was only one-sided...

13 funny all these meme

14. When we had to turn to chocolates!

14 funny all these meme

15. When winter came a little too quick for him!

15 funny all these memes

16. When his favourite colour was black...just like his heart!

16 funny all these meme

17. When he couldn’t differentiate between old and gold!

17 funny all these memes

Feel free, let your imagination flow and come up with your own set of awesome and funny All These memes! After all, laughter is the best medicine for heartbreak, right?!

Images: Team POPxo