11 Foreplay Tips To Heat Things Up Even More!

11 Foreplay Tips To Heat Things Up Even More!
It’s a shame that people choose to ignore how important the role of foreplay is. It’s the prelude to having the best sex you will ever have, every time. Want to make your foreplay game strong? You’ve come to the right place. Here are some foreplay tips to keep in mind...

1. Be confident

Rule No.1 is to put your game face on. Don’t be shy. Even if you’re unsure of what you’re doing or think that it’s banal, you have to do it with confidence. It plays a huge role in making foreplay easier, better and sexier.

1 Foreplay tips

2. Do not neglect any body part

Yes, the genitals always get all the attention and this is exactly why you should pay more attention to other parts of the body. Touch each other gently, everywhere. Kiss and caress each other’s body. Take as long as you need. Trust us, your body is a wonderland...

3. Talk sensual

Speak softly, in gentle whispers. Talk about how his body turns you on, how good it feels. A little moaning never hurt anybody too. It’ll tell him how turned on you are.

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4. Take things slowly and gently

The longer the foreplay, the better the sex will be. Be gentle with each other. Undress each other slowly. Don’t rush anything. It’s going to be totally worth it.

5. Wear some sexy lingerie

You may be comfortable enough around each other to wear white knickers, but there’s a certain thrill in wearing sexy lingerie. It’s nice to surprise him with sexy lingerie, but once in a while, let him decide too. Find out what he likes and what he wants to see you in.

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6. Lick his body

Our tongues can do extremely wonderful things, so make use of them. Tickle him by licking his back, his neck and wherever else you want as well, it always works wonders.

7. Nibbling is very helpful too

Find out the most sensitive parts of his body and gently bite them, nibble on them. This helps in turning him on without any real effort at all.

7 Foreplay tips

8. Bring out your inner masseuse

Work those fingers, it’s not rocket science. Don’t be lazy, make magic by giving him a very sensual oil massage. And then get him to return the favour...

9. Play erotic music

Your best bet is to go on YouTube, find a playlist of erotic songs and just let it stream. Music can really help in setting the mood. And don’t forget that dim lights go hand in hand with erotic music.

9 Foreplay tips

10. You can never go wrong with oral

There’s not much to be said for this, except maybe, leave your teeth out of this. Please.

11. Let pornography help you out

Maybe watch a porno together and take cues from it? It can really help get you guys in the mood. Decide where you want to start from and the rest will easily fall into place.

11 Foreplay tips

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