10 Slightly Awkward Things That Happen During First-Time Sex!

10 Slightly Awkward Things That Happen During First-Time Sex!
The first time sex experience is definitely something we look forward to and are scared of at the same time! But don’t worry, awkward sex moments are just part and parcel of the whole experience. Check out these 10 awkward moments we all face when we have sex for the first time!

P.S.: They’re completely normal!

1. Neither of you actually know how it’s supposed to go down

Like you start it really nicely, it’s something you have been thinking about since time unknown so you are super excited but when it actually comes to the final moment your mind goes blank and you’re like so, um, what next?

2. Who is supposed to take whose clothes off?

The question that truly begins a string of awkward moments. First, both of you try to take off each other’s clothes but that’s just chaotic, then both of you back off so now no one is taking off anybody’s clothes! It’s like that awkward moment when you bump into someone in the hallway and you don’t know who should let whom pass! Our advice would be for both of you to strip off your own clothes to save yourself some trouble!

2 awkward sex moments

3. You don’t know how to put on a condom

What is this piece of rubber and how do you get it on? The struggle is real and annoying! It's okay, you get the hang of it eventually. And there is always Google if you don't!

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4. You don’t exactly know if you are turned on...

Or if you just have this really bad urge to pee. That happens, right? Since you have never really known this feeling before, it’s legit confusing!

4 awkward sex moments

5. When you moan...

And then wonder how weird you sounded just then! Don’t worry, moaning is not just normal but is actually fun and you don’t sound weird at all!

6. When you try to dirty talk…

But the only words that spill out of your mouth are ‘um’, ‘well’ and ‘uh’! *Facepalm*

6 awkward sex moments

7. Or accidentally touch something you shouldn’t!

Oh, this one happens a lot. A little extra pressure, a little movement of the hand and you end up hurting him where it actually hurts!

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8. Your body starts to hurt

With all those awkward positions, it is bound to hurt! Good thing, however, is that this way you finally get the exercise you’ve been avoiding!

8 awkward sex moments

9. You don’t have an orgasm

Chances are you probably won’t if this is your first time. So don’t fret about it. Take some time to see what gives you pleasure and simply enjoy the moment because you sure won’t be living your first time again!

10. You feel like crying

When you have sex your body goes through changes that can actually make you feel more emotional than on an average day. So don’t get scared if you suddenly feel like you will burst into tears. It’s okay even if you do! Just be sure to tell your guy it's not because you're in pain - guys tend to panic.

10 awkward sex moments

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