12 Fashion Terms EVERY Girl Should Know!

12 Fashion Terms EVERY Girl Should Know!
From casual to chic fashion wear, here is a list of fashion terms that you had no idea even existed. So dear girl, now it’s time to upgrade your fashion dictionary and maybe even add a few styles to your own wardrobe this season. Hey there style diva!

1. Balloon Sleeves

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Image: Alia Bhatt on Instagram

The new trend this season is to flaunt your balloon sleeves! They’re pretty sleeves with the patent bulbous effect, giving you an absolute fashionista look!

2. Choker tops

Ditch the choker necklace and opt for the choker top instead! In case you haven’t already figured it out - a top combined with a choker is a choker top. ‘Coz sometimes, there ain’t no time to accessorize!

3. Naked Dress

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Image: Shutterstock

A see-through dress made of sheer fabric, allowing you to reveal a lot of skin while covering the important bits, usually through lace or beads designs.

4. Dad Fashion

Outfits like baggy jeans, oversized buttoned shirts, muscle tees and the likes of it - allowing you to rock a sporty look! Basically clothes that you spot in your dad’s wardrobe but not necessarily requiring you to have a dad body to pull them off!

5. Lampshading

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Image: Sonam Kapoor On Instagram

Lampshading is wearing an oversized shirt or t-shirt that would cover your shorts, giving you an out of bed chic look. Now that it’s boots season, take inspo from Sonam Kapoor and give this trend a try!

6. Groutfit

This word is a fusion of ‘grey’ and ‘outfit’! So it’s basically an outfit created by pairing upper and lower separates, both being shades of grey.

7. Blogger Jacket

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Image: Shutterstock

This look involves nothing much, it’s simply draping your jacket over your shoulder, without actually putting your arms through the sleeves. This gives you a super badass stylish look.

8. Wrap And Tuck

A super chic yet simple-to-follow fashion trend that can amp up your fashion game this year. How is it done? Just wear an oversized buttoned shirt, unbutton the last few buttons, then tuck the left half carefully towards the right side of your jeans and overlap the right half and tuck it into the left part of the jeans. Voila, you’re good to go!

9. Shoefie

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Image: Athiya Shetty on Instagram

We all have heard of a ‘selfie’ but who knew that the ‘shoefie’ was going to be the next big thing. Taking a picture, flaunting your footwear - just like you take a selfie, except you point the camera to your foot in a shoefie!

10. Empire Waist Dress

An empire waist dress is a dress which is fitted till right below the bust or right above the natural waist, with a long loosely fitted conjoined skirt below it. This dress offers a very high fashion vintage look and helps your waist appear tiny! Yay!

11. Flatforms

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Image: Shutterstock

It’s essentially a (flat) shoe with a high, thick sole (platform heel) that offers height but saves you from the discomfort that usually comes with wearing heels. What are you waiting for?! Go get your pair of flatforms right away!

12. Glove Shoes

A popular trend of this season, glove shoes fit your feet like gloves, hiding toe cleavage rather than showing it. They have a modest heel so they’re super comfortable and allow you to flaunt a very elegant look, with casuals and formal wear, alike!