What Is Airbrush Makeup? Do *You* Need It For Your Wedding?

What Is Airbrush Makeup? Do *You* Need It For Your Wedding?
There has been such a buzz around airbrush makeup lately. While the technique has been around for a while, it’s only now that more and more brides are eager to experiment with it. Or at least find out what the noise is all about! And since we too had been fascinated by this term, we did our share of research. Here’s all that we learnt about airbrush makeup and you should too!

What really is airbrush makeup?

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While we use our fingertips, a brush or a beauty blender to apply makeup the regular way, airbrush involves the use of an air gun. Sounds heavy, huh?! Airbrush makeup is done using a special liquid foundation that is poured into a small chamber in the air gun. The good part is that you need very little product.

Once you pull the trigger, a mist of foundation comes out to give your face a gorgeous, flawless finish. The fine mist helps in giving you a super blended look. And you can be rest assured that you won’t look caked up.

Will it make me look flawless?

Airbrush makeup is a much finer product and the air gun application gives it a finer and perfectly blended finish. High definition cameras that are commonly used for wedding photography tend to catch even the tiniest imperfections. And this technique helps cover each of those problem areas. With that said, let us also tell you that regular makeup is in no way less when it comes to flawlessness. It’s the way of application, products used and the expertise that matters more than the makeup style.

Will it suit my skin?

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Absolutely! Airbrush makeup suits all skin types. However, it definitely is a great choice for those with oily skin since it stays put for longer. Let us also tell you that this makeup technique may not be ideal for those with major skin worries such as stubborn acne or deep scars. You will need a makeup artist to do it using regular techniques and maybe finish off the look by using an air gun.

How long does it stay?

Good news! Your makeup will be fresh as ever for upto 15 hours! And that makes airbrush a great choice for summer weddings. Also, it’s waterproof, but then again, regular makeup too has tonnes of great waterproof products.

Umm, the cost?

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We wouldn’t say that airbrush is way more expensive than regular makeup but yes you’ll have to shell out anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 extra for your bridal makeup.

What do I finally go with?

Two big deciding factors would be your budget and your skin type. As we mentioned above, if you have some major skin issues, airbrush is best avoided. Also, you need to figure out what your makeup artist is best at. Airbrush requires a certain kind of a skill and how your makeup turns out largely depends on the application.

Personally, we feel airbrush and regular both are equally good. As far as your makeup artist is using great products and knows his/ her job well, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s regular or airbrush makeup. And we’d leave you with just one thumb rule - take a makeup trial before you finalise on anything. It’ll only help you make a better decision.

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