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Silly, Sweet, Adorable... Durjoy Datta’s Pics Are Couple Goals!

Natasha Vazirani

Guest Contributor

Durjoy Datta got married to the love of his life Avantika Mohan a while back. We couldn't stop gushing about the proposal, the wedding and now their post-wedding adorable-ness! Have a look, there'll be no doubt in your mind that these two are made for each other!

1. While every girl who loves his books is still crushing on him...

He's busy declaring how lucky he thinks he is for having Avantika by his side. Awww!

durjoy 1

Image: Durjoy Datta on Instagram

2. Netflix and Chill?

Hell, yea, these two have totally nailed the latest (and most awesome!) couple goal!

durjoy 2

Image: Durjoy Datta on Instagram

3. They're not only perfect for each other but ridiculously adorable too!

With matching pouts and some crazy love!

durjoy 3

Image: Durjoy Datta on Instagram

4. What's love without a little bit of laughter? Or a lot of laughter, actually!

Well, looks like Durjoy's ‘shaadi ka bhojh’ found her funny bone, at least!

durjoy 4

Image: Durjoy Datta on Instagram

5. ‘Fake frown, sachha pyaar’?

Aur kya chahiye yaar! #TooMuchLove

durjoy 5

Image: Durjoy Datta on Instagram

Time to say 'Aww', right?!
Published on Nov 12, 2016
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