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19 Signs No One Can Take The ‘Dilli’ Out Of You - EVER!

19 Signs No One Can Take The ‘Dilli’ Out Of You - EVER!

Born and raised in Delhi - and proud of it! If you've been to different places and but still never felt as at home as you do in Delhi, then this is definitely for you. Some Delhi girl traits just stay with you no matter where you go… Here are some signs that no one can take the 'Dilli' out of you - EVER!

1. When you like something in a store, you don't ask for the price but how much discount it's on.

Or how much discount they'll give you, even if they don't have a sale.

2. You might have travelled to every corner of the world...

But still crave your local chaat wala's red chutney with everything you eat!

3. The outside world is intimidating, yes. But not for a Delhi girl like you!

If I can push my way into the Delhi metro at peak time, I can push through any difficult situation in life, seriously!

4. It's never too late for a late-night scene for you.

Three a.m. drive? Sureeee, you've only done that a million times. You don't carry an AUX wire in your bag for no reason. 4 delhi girl traits

5. Everyone has a tough time taking you by surprise.

Trust us, Delhi girls have seen and done everything you can think of. Everything. Really.

6. You might have never been in the debate team, but you can wear people down if you want to.

You're stubborn and you get your way - one way or another.

7. You strongly believe that nobody puts a Delhi girl in a corner.

You need to be in the centre of it all - major FOMO issues, man! Also read: 9 Reasons Delhi Girls Have The MOST Swag!!

8. So what if she's saat samundar paar? Desi beats reach her everywhere!

See, we don't approve of the sexist lyrics, but we can still dance to the music, can't we? 8 delhi girl traits

9. And what's all this twerk-shwerk?

Nothing beats the dhol and thumka combination for you!

10. You literally can't deal with people stereotyping you.

Even if they're somewhat right, who the hell gave them the right to do that?!

11. You have a WhatsApp group with your Delhi friends. And it's your most active chat too!

Which is where all the juicy gossip lives and breathes!

12. You swear that you're a better judge of boys than anyone else.

Arre, you've seen the creeps, the stalkers, the fake-nice guys, the I-want-in-your-pants guy, the I-have-an-Audi-come-with-me guy... And SOOO many more.
12 delhi girl traits

13. It's not all that hard to show you a good time.

You've lived life Chandni Chowk style as well as Citywalk style. All you need is good company to have a blast!

14. You know how to do tourist-y things without feeling like a tourist.

What, did you think all those people having ice-cream at India gate weren't from Delhi? Also read: Say These 10 Things To A Delhi Girl… NEVER!!

15. You still find it weird to go to a mall to eat food or watch a movie.

You grew up in the days of PVR Priyas and Regal Cinema after all. Things only really changed after Ansal Plaza!

16. You can never feel too rich or old to go street shopping.

Do you even know that you can get the softest fuzzy sweater from that hidden corner in Sarojini for 200 bucks?! Not kidding, it's shopping paradise! 16 delhi girl traits

17. Your plans with friends are mostly off the cuff. You only need to know where to meet them first.

Well, you've lived that way all your life in Delhi - going to CP never really means doing something in CP - duh.

18. You jump with joy when a bar doesn't ask you to place the last order at 12.45 a.m.

What with every place in Delhi 'officially' shutting at 1 a.m.

19. There isn't ever a boring moment with you.

Arre, jaaneman, you were born with the Dilli swag - no one can take it out of you - EVER! GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Nov 6, 2016
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