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14 Weird & Funny Thoughts Girls Have While Using A Dating App!

14 Weird & Funny Thoughts Girls Have While Using A Dating App!
Finding prince charming is every 'single' girl’s elusive dream. Meeting new people and finding the right guy is tough. But thankfully we live in the digital age, where almost everything we could ever want is available right at our fingertips - even a significant other. Yup! dating apps are our knights in shining armours or at least our best chance of finding one! While some swear by it, others are less open to it but regardless here are 14 things EVERY girl has thought of while using a dating app!

1. Is it okay to download it?

First things first - should we even be downloading it? Are we sure it’s 'Okay' to be on a dating site? And then we realise that this might be our chance at a modern-day-digital-romance! So why the hell not. Right girls? dating app (5)

2. Oh God, it wants me to sign in through Facebook…

So, we all secretly hope that no one (we know) gets to know that we are using it and when the app asks to sign in via Facebook it gives us a mini-heartattack. Relax girls, it’s only to get your profile ready and verified, apps like Woo promise never to post on your behalf!

3. Oh c’mon witty side, we don’t have all day!

How does one sound smart, funny and utterly delightful without looking like we are trying too hard!?! We want our profiles to be amazing - exactly how we would want the other person’s to be. But it always takes a few attempts. If your first couple of tries are no good! We feel you, bro! dating app (4)

4. To tick or not to tick - that is the question!

We may not be this indecisive IRL but we are the queens of confusion in the virtual world. Should we like a profile by ticking on it? Or should we not. Is he boyfriend material? Will we look cute together… The questions are endless!

5. What if I get no matches?

No matter how awesome we are, a little self doubt always creeps in. OMG, what if no one likes me! What if I get no matches! Oh the horror! (But, don’t worry girls Mr. Right is on his way!) dating app (7)

6. Is that a crush?

The moment someone shows some interest in our profile - our faith in our awesomeness is totally restored. In real life you may be a little shy to let people know that you have a crush on them, but thanks to the Woo app, you can now send crushes to people to show that you like them. And receiving a crush is such an ego boost!

7. Oh hey, It’s you, AGAIN!?

When you bump into an ex while going through your matches…*beep*! Awkward!!! dating app (3)

8. Omg, so cute!

“Omg! His hair, those eyes, that face!!! My future boyfriend looks like a dream. But wait, is he too good looking? Must be a player. No, no he is cute. Forget it. I will tick to show interest, better yet let’s send him a crush!”

9.  When you see a guy with too many gym pictures!

Okay! Okay! We know you workout. But can we see a picture of you with your face in it? I hope you don’t take us out to the gym for a date because our life revolves around food. Just saying! dating app (2)

10. God! I am going to die alone

After a few hits and misses we tend to feel a little low. But hold on ladies, the right man is still out there! Don’t lose hope so soon.

11. It’s a match, it’s a match!

Yayyie! Now that you have matched with him, you hope that he messages you first. But if he doesn’t, it’s totally cool because you don’t mind making the first move! It is the 21st century after all! dating app (8)

12. Are we going to get along?

What do we talk about? Is he interested in the same things that I am? If these are the things that worry you, then you will be happy to know that Woo matches you with the people who you share common interests with. While building your profile you can use tags, this helps connect you to people who like the same things.

13. Wow, he is actually nice

Yayyie! We seem to *actually* be getting along! But now that things are finally working out - Please don’t be a creep! Please? Pretty please? dating app (6)

14. Is he going to be my future boyfriend?

We all inevitably jump the gun and and start planning our future together. But before you start naming your future children try spending some time getting to know him. We all have been through good, bad and crazy experiences on a dating app. For more such adventures, download Woo and who knows, you might meet the love of your life. GIFs: Giphy *This is a sponsored post for Woo