10 Beauty Disasters That Happen To EVERY Bride (& Their Fixes!) | POPxo

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10 Beauty Disasters That Happen To EVERY Bride (& Their Fixes!)

10 Beauty Disasters That Happen To EVERY Bride (& Their Fixes!)

In a perfect world, you would wake up with radiant and glowing skin on your wedding day. Sadly ladies, this ain’t a perfect world and beauty blunders may happen with you too. It’s always better to prepare yourself in advance for the things that may go wrong so that there is no chaos on your D-Day and you don’t turn into a bridezilla! We made a list of some common wedding day beauty emergencies and easy ways to fix them so that you can enjoy your wedding day and look as gorgeous as ever.

1. Waking up with a monstrous zit

1 wedding day beauty emergencies - acne If you wake up with a surprise zit on the morning of your wedding day, there could be numerous reasons behind it. You tend to eat a lot of oily food and sweets before your wedding and it can lead to breakouts. Wedding planning stress can wreak havoc on your skin too. How to fix this: When you first notice a pimple, rub some ice on it to reduce the redness. Obviously, the pimple won’t disappear in a matter of a few hours so all you can do is conceal it with the help of makeup. Share this concern with your makeup artist and try to avoid oil based foundation if possible. You can even consult a dermatologist and ask him/ her to take care of it immediately.

2. You don’t like your bridal hair or makeup

So, your stylist just did your hair and for some reason, it is just not working out even after all those trials. Or your eye makeup is way too dark for you or your lips are just too bright and it wasn’t what you had wanted.
How to fix this: Keep calm! There is nothing that can’t be fixed. Be honest with your stylist and tell them about what you don’t like about your hair or makeup. Everything can be tweaked if you keep your calm and be frank with your stylist.

3. Your eyes are puffy

3 wedding day beauty emergencies - puffy eyes Had a blast at your sangeet and slept late at night? Or did the anxiety and excitement of getting married rob you of your sleep? Lack of sleep and late night celebrations are the main reasons why you are likely to wake up with puffy eyes on your big day. How to fix this: Cold compress is the answer to puffy eyes! Place two frozen spoons on your eyes and keep them there until they are room temperature. You can also try using ice or frozen cucumber in order to get rid of the puffiness. Also, you can play up your eye makeup as it minimizes the tiredness or puffiness.

4. Runny mascara

The thought of living away from the place you have called home for more than two decades can make you feel emotional. A few tears might run down your cheeks along with your mascara!
How to fix this: Well, the only way you can avoid this is by using a waterproof mascara. It’s better not to compromise on good waterproof eye makeup so that your mascara does not spread all over your eyes and cheeks. But to be on a safer side, ask your sister or bestie to carry a bunch of Q-tips and concealer that you might need to touch up your face.

5. Your tummy is bloated

5 wedding day beauty emergencies - bloated tummy There are chances of your belly bloating on the day of your wedding because of all the oily and spicy food you gorged on the night before. A bloated stomach can be painful too at times. How to fix this: Dress up your water to relax your stomach! Rather than drinking plain water, add some lemon and mint to it, refrigerate for two hours and drink it all up. Also, make sure to reduce the intake of salt as sodium is one of the reasons for a bloated stomach.

6. There are blisters on your feet

If you are wearing your wedding shoes for the first time on that big day, chances of you getting blisters on your feet are high. Also, if you were busy dancing, roaming around here and there and enjoying the festivities, you are likely to have blisters on and under your feet!
How to fix this: Soak your feet in warm water add some Epsom salt into it. You can also apply aloe vera gel as it has cooling properties and will sooth your feet. Also, make sure you walk around in your wedding shoes days before your big day! Breaking into your shoes beforehand will ensure there’s no discomfort on your wedding day.

7. What if your fingers are puffy?

7 wedding day beauty emergencies - puffy fingers Suddenly you realized that your engagement ring doesn’t fit you anymore! Don’t worry, you didn’t put on weight overnight. This can happen to the best of us, when under stress. How to fix this: Run your hands under cold water as it will help in reducing the swelling. You can also have some green tea as it will help you get rid of excess water from your body.

8. Pesky dark circles

Ugh, don’t we all detest dark circles to the core? For some, dark circles are hereditary, and for others, it’s because of lack of proper sleep or due to stress. If you find yourself looking into the mirror and screaming about the sudden appearance of dark circles, it’s probably because of anxiety.
How to fix this: Applying something cool like ice or a cold compress under your eyes, and a few genius hacks by your makeup artist can cover them with great ease.

9. You ruined your manicure

9 wedding day beauty emergencies - chipped nails There are chances of you chipping your nail paint on your wedding day in the midst of all the running around and getting things done. How to fix this: Ask your bestie to keep a nail filer, nail paints and nail paint remover with her. With these things handy, she can take care of any manicure-related emergencies.

10. Your T-zone is oily

If you have a summer or monsoon wedding, your skin is likely to get oily over the course of the function. And if you have naturally oily skin, your T-zone will get oily regardless of the weather. How to fix this: Do not use an oil-based foundation and make sure you inform your makeup artist about this well in advance. Also, keep some tissues and a compact powder handy so that if your skin gets oily during the wedding ceremonies, you can dab some powder on your face and take care of it.
It’s normal to get nervous on your wedding day and you may find yourself facing some of these beauty emergencies on your big day. The key is to keep your cool and be well prepared in advance. Make sure you enjoy each and every moment of your wedding, ladies. Internal Images: Shutterstock
Published on Nov 8, 2016
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