Real Bride Makeup Inspiration That Is Just. Too. STUNNING!

Real Bride Makeup Inspiration That Is Just. Too. STUNNING!
It’s always easier to relate to real brides rather than Bollywood brides and celebrities, right? Yup, we get it! In fact, there’s nothing like being able to go through gorgeous wedding pictures and taking an idea or two from them. And so, coming straight from our real bride files are all the stunning makeup looks, and trust us girls, these are just beyond words! From subtle to glamorous and traditional… there’s a whole lot of bridal makeup inspiration in here.

1. Red and gold

1 bridal makeup

Image: Morvi Images

It’s hard to just look away from this image. And we’re so not able to decide whether it’s the gorgeous gold eyes or the bold red lips that we love more. Lots of metallic gold glitter, eyeliner and tonnes of mascara make the eyes completely stand out. The artist was not afraid to go bold on the lips as well and gave the bride a pop red colour. A tiny red bindi completes the traditional yet glamorous bridal look.

2. Sweet and subtle

2 bridal makeup

Image: Fotowalle

For a day wedding, the bride chose to keep the makeup minimal with natural pink eyeshadow. The eyes were defined with a thin stroke of winged eyeliner and the rest of the makeup was kept fresh and dewy. We love the mauve-pink lip colour that gives her such a refreshing look!

3. Smokey eyes!

3 bridal makeup

Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

For the cocktail or the reception, smokey eyes sure are the way to go. We can’t stop admiring the bride’s sexy yet subtle smokey eyes and the gorgeous red lipstick. To balance out this bold look, the cheeks were kept natural with just a hint of highlighter.

4. Pretty pinks

4 bridal makeup

Image: The Cheesecake Project on Instagram

Such a pretty picture! Just check out those eyes! Gold shimmer eyeshadow with a black smokey effect at the corners looks absolutely spectacular. With a hint of blush on the cheeks and candy pink lipstick, this one’s a look to steal. And you can totally take this look from day to night without worrying about a thing!

5. The winged effect!

5 bridal makeup

Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

Let your gorgeous eyes take centre stage with the winged eyeliner. We love the soft smokey effect, the heavy mascara and the extended eyeliner that imparts a classic vintage glam look. Giving reds a rest, this bride’s bright orange lip colour is definitely on our lust list.  

6. The bold lips

6 bridal makeup

Image: Fotowalle on Instagram

Blogger Shreya Kalra nailed her engagement look with bold wine lips. And we can't help but notice how striking she looks. Thick and well-defined brows and kohl-rimmed eyes completed her showstopper look. And this one's just perfect for that cocktail night too!

7. Add some colour

7 bridal makeup

Image: Morvi Images

Such a fun look for that mehendi function! A golden brown eyeshadow with a striking green eyeliner is the perfect way to add some colour to your look. Since green itself is a bold colour for the eyes, the lips are a beautiful shade of nude pink. The look blends perfectly well with the bride’s colourful outfit too!

8. A colour story

8 bridal makeup

Image: Sonder Frames

Who would’ve thought that pink and red could look this stunning together! That shimmering pink eyeshadow that fades into grey at the edges, looks a class apart. What’s even more interesting is the blood red lipstick and the bindi. The eyebrows too are well defined for that dramatic effect.

9. All that glitters IS gold!

9 bridal makeup

Image: Cupcake Productions

Love dramatic eyes? Then you’ll definitely love this bride’s copper glitter eyeshadow, thick winged eyeliner and the layers of mascara. The lips are a beautiful shade of maroon-red and there’s generous amounts of blush on her cheeks. The perfect traditional bridal look.

10. Summer love!

10 bridal makeup

Image: Morvi Images

Candy pink lips! How adorable is that?! An ideal look for the afternoon functions, this one’s our absolute favourite. Even the eye makeup looks so fun with a matte yellow eyeshadow and black eyeliner to go with it. A touch of blush on the cheeks and you have an amazing look to inspire your mehendi makeup!

Featured Image: Morvi Images