10 Genius Lehenga Shopping Tips For The Curvy Bride!

10 Genius Lehenga Shopping Tips For The Curvy Bride!
This is for every bride out there, curvy or not, you’re beautiful, and on this special day we’d like you to know that your smile and your happiness will be more visible than anything else... Thus whatever you wear will look amazing! Having said that, these lehenga tips for curvy brides can help you make a better choice with your shaadi lehenga. Read on.

1. Pick a fabric that isn’t too stiff.

1 lehenga tips for curvy brides

What is most important is that you’re comfortable when you are standing or sitting and thus choosing a fluid fabric like georgette or silk is a good idea. Apart from the comfort factor, the fall of stiff fabric is such that it makes one look bigger that they actually are. If you are going for raw silk, make sure there isn’t too much bulky work on it, that makes it stiffer. The same rule applies for the blouse and dupatta as well.

2. A-line works like magic.

A lehenga that fits at the waist and gradually increases in width towards the lower end is what you are looking for. Lehengas will kalis, large gheras look wonderful. Make sure to avoid fish-cut as that accentuates the hip area a bit more than you’d like on yourself. You can go ahead and add some can-can underneath for complete A-line look. This also balances out the rest of the body frame.

3. Choose a high-waisted skirt!

A high waisted lehenga with a slim belt that fits at the narrowest part of your upper waist gives the illusion that you have a tiny frame. The blouse should end just a little above the belt so  there is less skin show. Trust us, it looks more elegant too. If you are going for a regular waist lehenga, be sure to wear a blouse that isn’t too short. It should be one that ends at the narrow part of the waist.

4. Colours can do the trick

4 lehenga tips for curvy brides

Choose colours that don’t stand out too much, and instead go for shades that match well with your skin tone. If you must get a multi-coloured lehenga, get one with darker colours towards the midriff as that takes away unwanted attention in the wrong areas. Picking very bright colours creates distinctive lines through the body and isn’t a smart choice, we say. Ombre, tones similar to your skin and light work blend together to make an outfit that’ll flatter your frame.

5. Focus on the embroidery!

We know you don’t want to be limited with the choice of embroidery too. But, here are a few tips that will turn out favourable. Pick a style that has smaller motifs instead of larger patterns that stand out. Work that is evenly distributed or more scattered towards the waist and concentrated towards the borders look amazing. The blouse shouldn’t have too much going on if you are top-heavy. Keep it simple.

6. Short sleeves are a no-no.

The blouse can really work well for your bridal look, if chosen wisely. Choose a neckline that isn’t too close to your neck - a sweetheart one works very well. Sleeves look good if they end right above the elbow or a three-quarter one, whichever you prefer. Avoid cap sleeves or sleeveless blouses. The work on the sleeves should be minimal too. Let the dupatta to the job.

7. Logic behind dupattas

7 lehenga tips for curvy brides

These days, brides like wearing two dupattas. One that sits on the head, and the other that is draped around. For the one that is draped around, a sari-style lehenga is very effective. It highlights the curves beautifully while not looking like there is too much happening. Pick a dupatta that is sheer with scattered embroidery so that it doesn’t look like a solid block.

8. The overall fit of the outfit!

You have to last a few hours in this outfit, so it’s important to look out for the comfort, which otherwise will reflect in your stance and smile. Very fitted clothes aren’t right, neither is a loose-fitting garment. Make sure you have enough room to move your hands around and aren’t tucked too tight into your wedding outfit.

9. Single tone from top to bottom

Choosing different colours for the blouse, lehenga and dupatta will simply make the outfit look confusing. Choose similar tones in the blouse, skirt and dupatta for a unified and sophisticated look. This also takes care of any unnecessary features standing out, and blends in beautifully.

10. Lastly, makeup, smile and click!

10 lehenga tips for curvy brides

There are lots of makeup tricks to make one’s face and hair look more sculpted and enhance the best features too. Wear heels that make you look slender and carry off the whole attire confidently and in style. Don’t forget to smile a lot and pose. After all, it’s your special day and you’ve got to shine.

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