10 Beauty Tips Brides Must Follow A Night Before The Wedding!

10 Beauty Tips Brides Must Follow A Night Before The Wedding!

It all boils down to how well you take care of your skin and hair one night before the wedding. A tiny blunder, could make your entire beauty regimen go for a toss. Hence, you must be careful and take the right pre-wedding beauty measures for a flawless and radiant look the morning after. Here are 10 bridal beauty tips you must follow one night before the wedding. (Dear bride, you got this!)

1. Moisturize All The Way

1 bridal beauty tips For a dewy, soft and glowing complexion, you must moisturize your skin at night. Use a moisturizer that agrees with your skin type. The best time to moisturize your skin is when it’s wet. As the moisture will help absorb the lotion quickly and easily. After you step out of your bathroom, apply a little bit on your face, hands and legs.  

2. Get Sparkling White Teeth

Don’t forget to floss, brush and use a tongue cleaner before you go to sleep. This helps prevent bad breath, makes sure that your teeth stay clean and keeps your gums healthy. You’re bound to have sparkling white teeth on your wedding day. (Say cheese!)

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3. Drink Lots And Lots Of Water

3 bridal beauty tips You cannot afford to have tired looking skin on your wedding day. Which is why drinking water is much better than consuming caffeine or alcohol. Drinking any one of these toxic drinks might make you wake up to breakouts and dry skin the next morning! Opt for water or coconut water instead. Any of them will get you soft, supple and glowing skin on your big day.

4. A Princess Needs Her Beauty Sleep

It’s your wedding, and you need to look fresh as ever for it! Getting your beauty sleep is one way to make sure that your skin looks amazing on your big day. Make sure that you sleep on satin pillow cases as it prevents your skin from breaking out and your hair from getting damaged. You can also apply a night cream before you go off to sleep so that you wake up to dewy, fresh skin the next morning.

5. Exfoliate Some More!

5 bridal beauty tips Exfoliating your skin the night before the wedding helps remove dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth and baby soft. Invest in an exfoliating scrub or make your own using coconut oil, lemon juice and brown sugar crystals.

6. Love Your Lips

If you have perpetually chapped and dry lips, it’s important to give them the love and care that they deserve. Exfoliate your lips by using olive oil and white sugar crystals. Give them a good rub, until you’re left with soft and smooth lips. Next step is to apply vaseline or your lip balm to keep them moist and hydrated at all times.

7. Wash Your Hair The Night Before

7 bridal beauty tips If your hair feels oily and greasy, you can wash your hair with just plain water. We suggest that you skip the conditioner and shampoo as it could change your hair’s texture overnight. Only go ahead with it if you’ve had a word with your wedding hair stylist. Preferably bathe with room temperature water, as too cold or too hot water could damage your hair and scalp.

8. Eat Veggies And Fruits For Dinner

While you may be tempted to feast on curry and rice, please don’t! It could upset your tummy and lead to acidity or dysentery. Opt for light foods like salads, soups and fruits as they’re easier to digest and they’re good for your hair and skin too.

9. Prep Your Hair For The Big Day!

9 bridal beauty tips You know that on the day of your wedding, your hair is going to be exposed to heat, chemical products and styling tools, right? This could take a toll on your mane at end of the celebration. For dry hair, it’s best to use a heat protection mist and if it’s oily, make sure that you keep oil-based products at bay as they could make your hair greasy, oily and sticky. Feel free to give your hair stylist a buzz whenever you’re in doubt. Good luck!

10. Shake Of The Stress With Grace

Last but not the least, remember to chill out. It’s your wedding and you are the star of the show! Stress can take a toll on your skin and give it a tired appearance. The best thing to do is listen to some soft music, sip on some fresh coconut water and get a good night’s rest. Everything will go just fine, we promise! Internal Images: Shutterstock