Just Engaged? 12 Tips To Kickstart Your Bridal Beauty Routine!

Just Engaged? 12 Tips To Kickstart Your Bridal Beauty Routine!
Congrats! You just got engaged to the man of your dreams! Your wedding is in a few months time and you want it to be perfect, don’t you? Every bride wants to be a head turner on her wedding day and your dream wedding outfit can only do so much. If you don’t know how to kickstart your bridal beauty routine, we have come up with a list of things you need to take care of from the moment you get engaged! Follow these beauty tips to look your best on your wedding day.

1. Amp up your food game

If you want naturally radiant skin, you might want to up your food game! If you have the will to completely break away with sugary treats then go ahead, otherwise, make sure you don’t consume sugar in large amounts. Add lots of veggies and lean protein in your diet. Stay away from alcohol as it makes the skin dry and you certainly don’t want to wake up with puffy eyes on the day of your wedding. Consult a dietician if you can and follow meal plans prescribed by them. It’s only a matter of a few months, after all!

2. Take those yoga classes

2 bridal beauty routine

If you don’t workout on a regular basis, then ladies, it’s time to start taking that yoga class you’ve been planning to join since ages. Yoga is a great way to relax your mind and keep your skin glowing and youthful. Exercising releases endorphins and you will be a happy, energetic and a bubbly bride-to-be throughout the celebrations. Plus, you could even lose those few extra kilos for the wedding lehenga!

3. See a dermatologist

If you have sensitive skin (or not), you should schedule routine appointments with your dermatologist. Share your concerns and follow the skincare routine prescribed by them. It’s good to take preventive measures to avoid any possible last minute skin issues or the deadly break out a day before the wedding!  

4. Prim up your nails

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Well, as soon as you get engaged, people would want to see your ring. Schedule a manicure appointment at a salon and get your hands ready to show off that rock. Don’t forget about pampering your feet at the same time. Experiment with colours and see what goes well with your skin tone and the colour of the outfit you have your eyes on!

5. Hair and makeup

You must schedule hair and makeup trials at least two months before your wedding. Experiment with different hairstyles to see what works for you and what does not. Go in for a makeup trial and do click lots of photos from different angles and under various lighting arrangements. Make sure you like what you see and that the makeup does not make you look washed out under harsh lights or too gaudy in pictures.  

6. Hit the skin gym

6 bridal beauty routine

After you get engaged, make sure you book facial appointments with your salon. Starting the facials too close to the wedding won’t be of much use since it takes time for the effects to show. Start with the facials around 4 months before your wedding and by the time your D-day arrives…you’ll be glowing!

7. Get that perfect smile

Weddings call for lots of pictures! And to get that picture perfect pearl-white smile, get your teeth whitened professionally. You can also try rubbing lemon (it is an amazing bleaching agent) on your teeth and rinsing with cold water. Also, don’t forget to keep your lips soft and supple and regularly apply lip balms that suit you the most. If you are having a winter wedding, it’s a must to take extra care of your lips by providing them with enough moisture. Go for a lip balm with SPF 30. You can apply Biotique’s Bio Morning Nectar Lightening Lip Balm to protect your lips from the sun.

8. Test your cosmetics

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There are ample brands and types of cosmetics in the market and it’s not necessary that everything will suit you. Everyone has a different skin type and you may even have sensitive skin that is prone to allergies. During your meeting with your makeup artist and dermatologist, discuss what kind of products can be used for your bridal makeup. This will also be helpful when you’re putting together products for your bridal beauty trousseau.

9. Take care of your eyes

Dark circles are a common problem given the kind of lifestyle we have and for some people, it’s hereditary. Use an eye lightening cream to reduce the puffiness and dark patches under your eyes. While it’s not always possible to entirely get rid of stubborn dark circles, make sure you talk to your makeup artist in advance to conceal them properly with makeup. Also, do check out these 10 simple ways to deal with dark circles before your shaadi!

10. Exfoliate for soft skin

10 bridal beauty routine

Exfoliation plays a key role in achieving soft and healthy skin. Make sure you exfoliate areas like elbows and knees regularly. There are various exfoliation kits available in the market or you can make one at home. Just mix some sugar with either olive oil or coconut oil and rub it on your elbows and knees. You can also use the same paste to exfoliate your lips.

11. Plan hair removal

Every bride wants to make herself feel good on her big day. Removing unwanted hair is an important part of feeling good. To get fuzz-free on your wedding day, there are a lot of options - from shaving to sugaring and waxing. You might also want to plan how and when to get your bikini area waxed. Talk to your beautician about the method of hair removal you want to opt for.

12. Plenty of beauty sleep

12 bridal beauty routine

Make sure you get plenty of sleep every night no matter how hectic the schedule is. You already have a lot on your plate and the nervousness of being a bride is likely to take a toll on you. Sleep like a princess and dream about the new life you are going to step into.

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