10 AMAZING Shows On Netflix With The Hottest Onscreen Chemistry

10 AMAZING Shows On Netflix With The Hottest Onscreen Chemistry
It's that time of the year when all of us just really want to wrap ourselves in a heavy blanket and binge-watch a really amazing TV show. And if that show happens to have the hottest on-screen chemistry we've seen until now, our day (more like week) is made! So here are some of the best Netflix TV shows that feature actors with amazing, insane on-screen chemistry! (Spoilers ahead: read at your own risk!)

1. The Vampire Diaries, Damon + Elena

Sure, there are many in the fandom who would fight us on this and support Stelena or Bamon, but Delena is the only pairing that gave sizzling, set-fire-to-your-screen kind of chemistry. And that too since Day 1!

1 netflix tv shows vampire diaries

2. Reign, Mary + Bash/ Conde

Can anyone really pick what was better: Mary Queen of Scots with the bastard child of King Henry who loved her unconditionally, or Mary Queen of Scots with Conde, even though she was married to Francis… Decisions, decisions! But we really do think this one is a tie, giving us sizzling onscreen chemistry, season after season.

2 netflix tv shows reign

3. Suits, Mike + Rachel

Stepping away from the supernatural for a minute, Mike and Rachel set the screen ablaze in their own right! As if all that lawyer talk didn't have us feeling a bit hot already! Plus there's always Harvey with his sexy ass smirk and that man doesn't even need to pair off to make us feel a bit turned on. (Or is that just me?)

3 netflix tv shows suits

4. The 100, Clarke + Lexa

Clarke's openly bisexual inclination was a breath of fresh air in this world full of labels, old and new alike. And even though they had their ups and downs, Clarke and Lexa really did make for some really strong female characters. Put them together and what do you get? FIRE, guys. Seriously.

4 netflix tv shows the 100 clarke lexa

5. Grand Hotel, Julio + Alicia

What can we say about this pairing? The slow but steady build up will keep you absolutely hooked to the show… Once you get used to the fact that the show in in Spanish and you have to keep a track of the subtitles to know what's going on, of course. But trust us, the Spanish only makes it sexier!

5 netflix tv shows grand hotel

6. Tudors, Henry ++

Remember that guy from Bend It Like Beckham? Did we not ALL have a crush on him? No? Well, you might not even after watching this show (what with his wives dropping off like flies), but you can't deny that he looks really damn good. Be ready for not so much romance, but wild sex and the most entertaining history lesson!

6 netflix tv shows tudors

7. Orange Is The New Black, Alex + Piper

Lust, love, heartbreak, attraction… What have Alex and Piper not been through on this show? And no matter what happens, and whatever the end game turns out to be, the chemistry between these two will always be kinda epic in our minds.

7 netflix tv shows oitnb

8. Outlander, Jamie + Claire

Clearly we have a thing for period romances… Especially ones that are a little bit tragic! Here we have Jamie and Claire and their rollercoaster romance. If you haven't seen the show, now is a perfect time to start, what with Season 3 coming out in 2017. Here's to hope, heartbreak and - not to forget - really, really hot scenes!

8 netflix tv shows outlander

9. Teen Wolf, Scott + Allison

Aaah, teenage romance, we haven't forgotten you! Everyone remembers the days of fumbling in the car after parking in a dark spot or sneaking the guy in when the parents were out. Well, Scott and Allison remind us of all of that and a lot more - in a much more exciting way, of course. Since, you know, werewolves and all. Doubles that chemistry in a second!

9 netflix tv shows teen wolf

10. Arrow, Oliver + Felicity

Chemistry isn't all about sex, is it? We saw Oliver with a few characters, but none of those pairings ever made as much sense as Oliver and Felicity do. They're cute, they're so electric, there's so much love and they're both so damn good-looking together! Can't get over these two, just can't. You'll be shipping them too once you watch the show!

10 netflix tv shows arrow

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