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9 Awesome Reasons EVERY Girl Is A Total Badass!

9 Awesome Reasons EVERY Girl Is A Total Badass!
Women are awesome, like totally awesome. We are far from being the weaker sex! We deal with our responsibilities and societal pressures like a total boss, because trust us nothing can dull our sparkle. For us stereotypes are a thing of the past and we are out to break the proverbial glass ceiling. We are strong, independent and we are so much more than just sugar, spice and everything nice :) Here are 9 reasons why we as women are total badasses!

1. We break them records!

1623 women from different walks of life came together to break a Guinness World Records™! PUMA as a part of the “Do You” campaign organised an event that broke the Guinness World Records™ for the largest number of people to hold the abdominal plank position for 60 seconds at Jio Garden in Mumbai on the 6th of November. The women who participated showed off their ‘core’ strength and totally nailed it! The event was led by several women achievers like Jacqueline Fernandez, Olympic medalist Sakshi Malik, actor Kalki Koechlin and Anushka Manchanda to name just a few! badass girls

2. Multi-taskers...Hell yeah!

We are great at juggling different tasks at the same time. No, we aren’t tooting our own horn, science backs us up! Many studies have shown that women are faster at shifting between different tasks. This is because women apparently make better planners and are able to prioritise things well. We are very super proud of all the women who rock their jobs, raise their kids and manage their households like a total boss! You go, girl!

3.  High threshold for pain!

Our threshold for pain is high - really high. We survive regular visits to our waxing aunty, where the hair is literally ripped from our skin *ouch*. But the true test of our ability to deal with pain is when we survive our periods. It’s a monthly affair that leaves us in a ball of pain, but do we let that get us down? Nope, we just soldier on and kick ass. badass girls

4. We communicate well

We know we are often labeled as chatterboxes, but the truth is that we make really effective communicators. Consider this one of our biggest strengths. It is a skill that comes in handy at the workplace and of course serves us really well in our relationships. Because communication is the key guys!

5. United we stand

We believe in standing up for what’s right and being a part of movements that empower us. PUMA’s ‘#DoYou’ movement celebrates the core strength that women display on a daily basis. Through their campaign PUMA encouraged women to follow their instincts, be the best version of themselves and celebrate their individuality. Internationally the movement was supported by the amazing Cara Delevingne. In India Lisa Haydon, the sisters who scaled Mt. Everest- Tashi and Nungshi Malik, Nidhi Mohan Kamal, Sucheta Pal, Ujjwala Raut, actress Kalki Koechlin and Jacqueline Fernandez all lent their support. So girls, be who you are - unapologetically, we all got your back :) badass girls

6. Remember when…

We are known for our incredible ability to remember even the smallest of details. We often win arguments because of our little super power ;) Ever wondered why women are so good at crossing things off their to-do list? Well studies show that women are better at remembering prospective tasks than men! Turns out our memory game is really strong!

7. Agony aunts

We are not just great communicators, but we make great listeners as well. We are full of great advice and are always there for the people we love. Boyfriend trouble? Problems at work? Fighting with your siblings? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Our ability to be empathetic and understand other people’s problems is something we are proud of. So guys for emotional support, lean on. badass girls

8.  Heartbreaks and more…

Dealing with pain is our forte, be it physical or emotional. When we love, we love with all our hearts, which is why heartbreaks are really rough on us. But as women we possess the incredible ability to be able to get back up, dust ourselves off and start the day afresh. We are resilient and deal well with stress. Apparently our oestrogen helps ‘block’ the negative effects of stress on our brain. Told ya being a woman was awesome!

9. Look at us… just look at us!

And we do it all while looking gorgeous and fabulous. Add this to our never ending list of skills and super powers. We make the effort to look well turned out, that wing tipped eyeliner takes a lot of practice y’all! Do you think it’s easy to look this good everyday? No! We put in the time and of course the results are great :)   badass girls *This is a sponsored post for PUMA